Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday, again!

I love Sundays. I always create my to do list for the day while drinking my coffee. :-)

We have a lot of fun ahead in the next few weeks - can't wait! Tomorrow is a busy work day (8 am to 10 pm), and then on Tuesday, the boys & I fly to Portland. My sister will pick us up at the airport with my nephews, and we'll head straight to the beach & our vacation house. I'm looking forward to spending time with the family - relaxing, riding bikes, walking on the beach, & playing games! We fly back on Sunday, just in time to start school on Monday. :-)

I'm flying back to Portland on Thursday, for my relay event - Portland to Coast. I can't wait! We've been training & planning & it should be super fun. My fan consists of: my mom, my mom's best friend, my best friend, my twelve year old nephew, and my Uncle. My sister is the captain of our second van, and she's with a family friend, my two cousins, and my aunt. My sister has done this relay before, & I've done the more extended/running version, but everyone else is a novice. Should be awesome!

And, on to today! I need to use all of the tomatoes before we leave town, and . . . there are a lot!

I already made an awesome breakfast - Spicy Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce . I've never made poached eggs before, but these were amazing. The sauce was incredible!

Here's what else I need to do today:

  1. Wash all sheets/make beds. 
  2. Make tomato soup for the freezer. 
  3. Make roasted garlic tomato freezer jam.
  4. If I *still* have more tomatoes left over, I'll make more of the tomato sauce from the poached egg recipe & freeze. 
  5. Walk 8 miles, as training for my relay. The pace time is pretty fast, considering all of the hills - 13 minute miles.
  6. Power yoga. My back has been killing me, & I really need to stretch. 
  7. Return a couple of things to the mall.
  8. Plan schedule for Monday
  9. Finish cleaning fridge & freezer, to prepare for our vacation.
  10. If time permits, get a pedicure

What about you? How are you spending the last few weeks of summer? What are you up to today? 

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  1. Hey girlfriend, you ok after that earthquake? I understand it was Napa that got hit hardest, just checking. Take care