Monday, September 1, 2014

August goals - how did I do?

The month is over, and it was a mixed bag, in terms of progress against goals. I had my highest cardio & mileage month of the year (in fact, in a couple of years). I finished 103 miles (walking & running) in August. Woohoo!

  1. Fitness-related:
    1. Lose 1 pound - nope. I've gained a pound. :-( 
    2. Track my calories every day in MyFitnessPal - Yes!
    3. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio - Oh yes! I had 1,340. Lots of training for my relay.
    4. Complete 8 strength workouts - No. :-( Only 2 strength workouts, and I can tell! I've lost muscle tone.
    5. Complete 6 stretch workouts - 2 stretch workouts. I need to make this a focus, because my back is in misery with my lack of yoga. 
    6. Run/finish my relay event - Yes, and it was awesome!!
  2. Finance-related:
    1. Finish reworking our budget to take into account yearly categories (vs solely focusing on monthly numbers) - I'm 90% of the way there, but have changed my approach a few times. Want to keep iterating on this in September. 
    2. Stick to our budget! - I booked our holiday trip + paid for the boys soccer. See above, I wasn't doing a very good job of tracking yearly expenses for our monthly budget, which I need to change.
    3. Stick to vacation budget on family trip to the Oregon coast. - Yes!
    4. Sell 2 bikes on Craigslist, and put the money in the boys activity fund (help offset their expensive soccer club). - Sold the last one yesterday, so snuck in just under the wire. ;-) 
    5. File all paperwork. - Ack. No.
    6. Rework childcare budget for 2015, with nanny & summer camps finalized. - I started this, but it's not done. 
    7. Finalize Hawaii trip details. - Mostly done. 
    8. Start looking at plans for the holidays (flights, time off, etc) - Done. 
  3. Personal
    1. Get all back to school details sorted out, including nanny schedule + soccer schedule. - Done
    2. Get sorted business trip sorted out, including passport & early entry program. - Done
    3. Plan one social event with friends. - Done - August was a very social month.
    4. At least one date night with M. - Done! Had a great dinner out this weekend.
    5. Continue to rework my work schedule to better accommodate evening meetings (consolidate them all into one evening to minimize disruption to my life). - Well, I've made progress, but new meetings crop up all of the time, so it's a work in progress. 
    6. Use or freeze all fresh produce from the garden. - I did well until we started traveling. I have a boatload of tomatoes in the fridge, and had to throw out a handful. 
    7. Read 5 books. - Yes! All of the flights helped with this. :-) 
That's how I did in August - it's a busy month, full of travels & fun, and less about "getting things done". What about you? How did you do on your goals? 


  1. By the looks of it your month was really good! I turned mine around towards the end so I think I'm quite happy with how August came to a close. Here's wishing you a wonderful September!!!

    1. Yeah for a great August finish! Thanks, and the same to you for September. ;-)