Monday, May 20, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Can't believe it's Monday already! I had a fantastic weekend celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday. We hit the wine bar, shopped a bit, and enjoyed our time together. :-)

One of my grandmother's favorite memories is going shopping with us when we were little girls, and trying on fancy Easter/party dresses. She begged us to make her laugh & try on some "fun" dresses at Ross, so she could be entertained. Please note that these are NOT something we would ever wear in real life, but who can resist their grandmother on her 80th birthday? ;-) I think my sister takes the cake in this one - she looks like something from Disney On Ice. ;-)

Now that the weekend is over, back to reality! I did end up spending some of my yearly shopping budget at Ross (a discount store, for those of you not in the US). I ended up with white jeans, which I've wanted forever but never pulled the trigger on. Excuse the terrible self-portrait, but I took a picture to prove to my sister that I was actually wearing them. With a new navy cardigan, also from Ross. :-) I'm still on track for my measly $300 yearly budget, but need to keep a close eye on my spending for the next few months.

On to menu planning for the week! We're going to be at the beach house over the long weekend, so fingers crossed the weather is nice enough for barbecuing:

Monday (M out of town) - we'll have leftover burgers
Tuesday (M out of town) - breakfast for dinner
Wednesday - chicken risotto (carried over from last week)
Thursday - leftovers. Something fast, as we're leaving for the beach in the evening.
Friday - at the beach. Barbecued chicken.
Saturday - at the beach. Barbecued salmon or crab cakes, depending on what's available.
Sunday - at the beach. Leftovers
Monday - Homemade pizza

What are you making this week? How was your weekend?


  1. That cardigan is really cute. I've been looking for one forever now, so it definitely caught my eye, haha. Glad to hear you had such a fun time, and this week sounds great too! This week, I'm just trying to eat up what I have on my pantry before moving... made some porkchops with veggies, and may make itallian sausage stirfry with pizza sauce later this week.

    1. The cardigan was the most expensive of my Ross purchases, but it's great quality. The brand is 89th and Madison? Never heard of it before, but I definitely like the cardigan. And, even my husband likes the white jeans, and he's super picky, so that's always a good sign. The Italian sausage stirfry sounds yummy! Enjoy.

  2. You look awesome in white jeans!

  3. Very cute outfit:). Its fun to play dress up every once in awhile.