Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Spending Report

This was not a great week for our spending, and I need to focus on keeping things on track for the rest of the month.

  • Monday (5/20) - $58.58 on gas
  • Tuesday (5/21) - No spend day
  • Wednesday (5/22) - No spend day
  • Thursday (5/23) -
    • $63.65 - Costco for groceries
    • $16.49 at Panera (1/2 of us, the kids couldn't agree on what they wanted, the Chipotle was also next door.
    • $16.38 - Chipotle 
    • $28.28 - gas
  • Friday (5/24):
    • $60.09 - 3 pair of jeans for Nick (he has zero without holes in them right now) + underwear for the kids
    • $62.61 at Fred Meyer - mostly on household stuff.
    • $49.99 at Fred Meyer for a new barbecue cover
    • $385.50 at Costco. $100 for a case of wine, $200ish on household stuff, and $85 on groceries.
    • $60.23 - gas
    • $731.60 - we're pulling up the carpet in our beach house (because carpet, and sand don't go particularly well together) & installing a laminate. We're starting with just one section, but hope to do the rest of the house over the next few years.
  • Saturday (5/25) -
    • $4 for swim trunks for Sam
    • $161.92 at Home Depot for yard stuff
    • $31.31 for Copper River Salmon
  • Sunday (5/26):
    • $13.03 - Lunch & ice cream for the kiddos at the Tillamook Cheese Factory
    • $31.68 - Gas
Total spend = $1775.34. Holy cow! That is A LOT more than we had budgeted, so I'll have to get creative in June to bring our spending back in check.

How about you? How did you do last week? Did the holiday weekend cause overspending, or were you in check?


  1. We spent a lot of money this past weekend too. I'm not brave enough to add it up just yet. I'll add up my May totals on Friday.

    We had a large BJ's shop, a birthday party, and a shopping spree for clothes...(my daughter, not me). At least some of yours was for home improvement!

  2. We spent about $2000! about $1650 we had in "cash" or gift cards. But it was still $2000! New clothes, fishing stuff, household stuff....and a new living room set!

  3. We're not been too bad - but I didn't track our spending last week....oops! :)