Thursday, October 10, 2013

I love a vacation where you spend less than expected!

Mostly because it's such a rare experience. :-)

I went to Las Vegas with a girlfriend for a few days, & budgeted $1500 for my share of the room, a massage at the spa, gambling, & food. I made $100 or so on the gambling (such a big winner :-)), the room was comped, & they ended up comping all of the food, save for the gratuities. That just leaves the spa treatment (an amazing massage followed by an afternoon spent lounging at the spa). All told, I think I spent about $300. I'm so happy that I get to deposit money back in the bank today.

My sister & best friend arrive tomorrow, & I've set a budget of $400 for their visit. We'll be hopefully visiting a winery, & having a couple of dinners out. I'm so excited to have them visit & see our new place.

I have a ridiculous amount of things to do today before I pick up the kids at 1:00 (early dismissal days), but so far, I have the energy of a slug. I have managed to tackle the enormous pile of laundry & started to unpack, but I need to get a move on if I'm going to get everything done. I also have soccer to coach this afternoon.

And, that's it. I need to get organized & plan out my last week of non-work time, because there's still quite a bit on my to do list.

Hope you're having a more productive day than me! And, have you ever come in under budget on a vacation?


  1. "Have you ever come in under budget on a vacation?"

    Let me catch my breath ... I'm laughing too hard to answer.

    Umm ... no, never.

    Sounds like a nice getaway though!

  2. I usually come in under budget but that's because I tend to way over budget. I learned along time ago stressing about spending too much can ruin a good trip so I usually add an extra $100 or more to every variable expense like food, gas, etc.

  3. That sounds like a GREAT price for a trip away! Good for you!!

  4. Wow... way to go!! :) Hope it was a blast! :)

  5. I think that you need to spend more time in Vegas. You did great!