Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Working in the kitchen with persimmons

I just wrapped up a fabulous long weekend with my sister & friend. My budget was $400. The irony of my previous post (coming in WAY under a vacation budget) is not lost on me, as I was most definitely not under this budget. We didn't spend as much as expected on food, but instead of heading to the wineries on Sunday, we made a pit stop at an outlet mall (or, rather five outlet malls connected together) & stayed until they closed. I did do some Christmas shopping, but most of what I got was for myself. *blush* A full accounting will be coming soon. ;-)

Here's a picture from the weekend. I'm in the middle:

As for the persimmons in my yard, the squirrels cannot get enough of them, and keep making a mess. I've had "make something with persimmons" on my to do list for over a week, so today I finally got started.

I made persimmon bread, & although I haven't tried it yet, it smells fantastic.  I also want to try this persimmon bread recipe (to compare & find a favorite), persimmon oatcakes, persimmon chocolate chip cookies, and persimmon freezer jam.  I'm planning to freeze all of the remaining persimmon pulp for baking at another time. We easily have 200 persimmons on the tree, so I should have plenty to work with.

I'm also extremely excited for the rest of the oranges to ripen, but most of all . . . for the avocados! Please share your favorite avocado recipes. :-)

I've put off the DMV task (registering one of our cars - the only one that's only in my name, since I've had it since before we were married), but I'm committed to getting it done tomorrow. Wish me luck. :-)

What are you up to? The weather is 80 and gorgeous today - perfect for sitting out in the sunshine.


  1. It sounds like you made good use of the persimmons! I bet the freezer jam is awesome!

  2. Great photo! :) I love freezer jam..mmm!! And 80 degrees?! Not here... brr! Heat is on this week with us being sick! lol!

  3. I'm jealous of your sunglasses and sleeveless dresses! Glad to hear you had such a fun weekend!

    I had to Google persimmon. I've never eaten one in my life.