Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Thanks to Carla for hosting the chit chat!
  • What are you reading: Some pretty tragic free romance novel on the Kindle. I just purchased a few books (Gone, Girl was my favorite), so I'm back to only free books for a while. 
  • Are you watching: My kids are watching magic tricks. Nick received a magic set for his birthday, so we're all about the magic shows!
  • Are you looking forward to this week: I'm doing a happy hour with a girl friend on Tuesday. I'm still working on making friends here, so happy that I'm building my network.
  • What is one thing you did last week that you don't want to repeat this week: I didn't do a good job of managing my calendar (I was on jury duty, so it was a total crapshoot anyway), which meant it was hard to manage my time & get things done.
  • Was your best moment over the last week? I did a great 5 mile hike yesterday, and had all of these fabulous & creative ideas to problems I've been facing. Plus, it was gorgeous & I saw tons of wild animals & just soaked up the sunshine.
  • Is your #1 goal for next week? Stay focused on my workouts, and stay RELAXED. Do not let work stress get me down.
  • Song can't you get out of your head? Happy, by Pharell. 
  • Best/Worst financial decision over the last week? Best - let's see, I don't think I spent anything during the work week. Worst, I'm planning to buy a ticket to go visit my sister and best friend in May! :-) 
  • Is something that you'd like to learn to do? I'd love to learn to play chess! My husband and the boys play often, but I've never learned.
Hope you're having a nice & relaxing Sunday.


  1. Chess is addictive. It uses all sorts of good brain power. Most public libraries have a wide selection of eBooks.

  2. I don't know how to play chess either, but I think it's a great skill we should all know! :) I should get my son to teach me, although i'd probably never beat him.. haha!