Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thinking about fitness

As we approach the holidays & my jeans start to feel a little tighter, I've been thinking a lot about my fitness, & how do be more successful at eating well and losing the last 10-15 pounds.

In general, I'm a pretty healthy person. I try to eat well (try, of course, being the operative word) & I get quite a bit of exercise. However, I also eat for reasons other than fueling my body. I eat when I'm stressed, & I eat when I'm bored. The occasional celebration meal I have no problem with, as I think food shared with family is a fun and fabulous event. But, this is more like eating bags of chips after the kids are in bed. This simply undermines my efforts to lose weight, & erases all of the time spent at the gym & running.

I'm going to try something new between now & the end of 2012. I'm going to commit to staying within my calorie goals every day (with a few exceptions, noted below) & I'm going to commit to some specific work outs.

  • Eat within my calorie goals (and, the goals vary based on how much exercise I get - I track using My Fitness Pal), every day between now & 12/31, with the exception of:
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
  • Work out 5 days/week, and:
    • Work out every day in Hawaii
    • Work out every day I'm (weekends, vacation days, etc)
Rather than focusing on losing a specific number of pounds, I'm going to focus on the things within my control - things that I know I can do, that will make me healthier. I will also be tracking my progress right here on my blog, for accountability. :-)

How about you? How do you handle your fitness?


  1. I would like to get to the point you are where I'd be measuring my fitness goals by what I can do (exercise constantly) vs how many pounds I lose. But Alas, I'm not there yet. So though I'm sort of done for the year, I'd like to incorporate monthly goals for next year detailing exercise, but my yearly goal will be numeric (# of lbs lost).

  2. Sounds like a great plan! :) Keeping trim is easy for me since I only eat whole foods... Allergies helps with that truthfully! lol!

  3. I think that sounds like a really good plan and the fact that you don't have to count calories on Thanksgiving or Christmas will help you make your goal.