Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Goals - Recap!

Wow - that was a lightning fast month! I feel pretty good about how much I got done this month. I had a bunch of work commitments, as well as a girls trip, so all told, it was a busy & fun 31 days. :-)

Here's what I accomplished this month!

  1. Fitness-related:
    1. Lose 2 pounds - I lost 1.5 lbs! I'll take it. :-) 
    2. Track my calories every day in MyFitnessPal - Yes!
    3. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio - I completed 765 minutes, after taking almost a week off around my half marathon. 
    4. Complete 8 strength workouts - Yes, I did 11 strength workouts.
    5. Complete 6 stretch workouts - Ack. This obviously wasn't a focus in July, because I only did 1! Shameful. No wonder my back is tight these days.
    6. Run/finish a half marathon - Yes! Woohoo!! It was an exciting moment. :-) 
  2. Finance-related:
    1. Meet with a tax planner - Yes!
    2. Rework our budget to take into account yearly categories (vs solely focusing on monthly numbers) - I've started this project, but it's not yet complete. In progress. 
    3. Stick to our budget! - Definitely no. We had lots of unplanned car expenses this month. 
    4. Stick to vacation budget on girls trip to Las Vegas. - Yes!
    5. Sell 2 bikes on Craigslist, and put the money in the boys activity fund (help offset their expensive soccer club). - Nope. 
    6. File all paperwork. - Nope. 
  3. Personal
    1. Finalize all nanny details. 
    2. Get passport picture taken, and get this renewed. - Just under the radar - I did this yesterday! 
    3. Sort out vacation hours at work. - Yes. Unpleasant, but done. 
    4. Get to the dentist & doctor for regular check ups. I've been putting these off due to work conflicts. :-( - Both appointments are next week. On the calendar & booked!
    5. At least one date night with M.- Yes!
    6. Rework my schedule at work to better accommodate evening meetings (consolidate them all into one evening to minimize disruption to my life). - I've done an "okay" job at this. My schedule is very unpredictable, so even when I iron things out for one week, the next week is different. This makes it hard to plan and harder to keep a family schedule. Let's call this an ongoing work in progress. 
    7. Use or freeze all fresh produce from the garden. - I've been a cooking fool, but yes. As far as I can tell, everything is getting eaten, and/or made into things for the freezer. 
That's all for me. How did you do with your goals this month? I'm now looking forward to focusing on August! 


  1. Even though I did not put them in writing, fairly decently. I am keeping up with things as they come and trying not to procrastinate. Good job you! Take it easy sometimes though - I do worry about your health when you have so much on your plate.

    1. Thank you - I definitely have time when I blow off my goals and relax. But, it's not something that comes naturally to me for sure. I've been feeling very, very well lately. I'm not sure how long that will last for, but the most critical thing I've discovered is getting 8-9+ hours of sleep per day. When I manage that, everything else sort of falls into place.

  2. I am breaking even these days, but you did pretty good! Sucks about the car expenses... I swear those suckers always come on the worst of times. Wait, there's no good time for them!