Monday, January 4, 2016

How did I do on my December goals?

At this point, I can barely remember what they were. ;-) Ah, how quickly I forget!

  1. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio - Yes! I finished with 1005 minutes. Talk about squeaking it in.
  2. Complete 10 strength workouts - I only got in 7 strength workouts
  3. Complete 4 stretching workouts - and sadly, 1 stretching workout. My back is definitely complaining.
  4. Lose 2 pounds - I only wish this were the case. *ahem*
  1. Stick to our December budget - Yes
  2. Finish our 2016 budget planning - Yes!
  3. Continue working on my "40 week project!" - Done
  4. Re-evaluate our budget by working backward from "must haves" & see what our minimum income would be. (Advice from some of you a few posts back). - Yes
  5. Get a notary signature & mail off our 529 paperwork, to remove the money from our Washington plan. - Yes!
  6. Start a new Utah 529.- We don't have the money yet from the Washington account yet, so this is on hold.
  1. Draft version of 2016 family calendar & vacations- yes, a draft was created, although I'm still working on the details
  2. Finish all holiday shopping! - Done
  3. Plan a December menu, including when we're at our vacation house - Done
  1. Continue to accept no more than one late night's worth of meetings/week - Done
  2. Eat lunch away from my desk 2x/week or more - I think I only averaged 1x/week in December
  3. Book my workouts on my calendar, & *stick with them*!! - nope
  4. Figure out backup nanny option, while my nanny is out of town. - Yes
  1. Get together for a minimum of one social event with a friend - I went for a hike with a friend
  2. Volunteer at the boys school. - Yes, twice!
  3. One date night with M - yep
  4. Plan at least one fun holiday outing with the kids. Likely a drive to a neighboring town to see the lights, wearing pajamas. We always stop for hot chocolate as well. - Christmas lights & hot chocolate, plus of course our holiday trip & beach trip
All in all, the month was pretty successful! I'm surprised (and impressed) with my results. A combination of more free time at the end of the month & well planned goals. ;-)

On to 2016! How about you? How did you do with your December goals?

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