Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October goals - how did I do?

We had so much going on this month. Really, more than usual. Not sure how that's possible. It wasn't a banner month for making time for my health, or saving money, that's for sure. :-) Here's what we accomplished.


  • Stick to our budget - oh my, no. It was a very expensive month for eating out & groceries, with lots of traveling for soccer, family in town, an impromptu weekend together, etc. 
  • Save $2,500, in addition to our stock vests. - Nope. I did save all of the stock vest money, but had to transfer money I'd saved earlier in the month to cover the credit card bill. We'll see where we net out on final numbers, but I'd be thrilled if we were even. 
  • Put $100/each in the boys college funds - Yes. 

  • Have one date night with M - Better than that - we did a long weekend. It was so, so fabulous. 
  • Donate, sell or toss 50 items in the house. - Yes, the clean out continues. 
  • Clean the garage! - Nope. I don't know that I'll get this to happen until we are ready to move. 
  • Plan one family fun night, potentially a movie, popcorn, game night. - Yes, we ended up going to dinner, ice cream, and on a Pokemon walk for our anniversary. With the kiddos. :-) 
  • Try a new recipe that everyone (including my little guy) will eat. - No. I did try new recipes that my other son will eat, so that's awesome progress. We did clam chowder in bread bowls, as well as butternut squash soup. 
  • Find a new nanny. MUST DO. - Ack. I go back & forth as to whether this is a useful exercise, given my plans to leave. Need to give this more thought. 
  • Get our plans sorted out for our Hawaii trip. - No progress. I have this weekend carved out to try & make this happen. 

  • Lose 2 pounds.  - Ha. No. I think I gained a pound. 
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables - My average was 3.35. Definitely room for improvement!
  • Complete 5 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates) - Yikes. Only 1!
  • Complete 7 strength workouts - I did manage 5 strength workouts. 
  • Complete 900 minutes of cardio. - Close - I finished with 800. 
  • Average 1350 calories/day - 1475, with the last few days of the month really pushing up the average. 

  • Maximum of one late night/week - I had one fail on this, but pretty much kept it together.
  • Work from home at least one Friday this month - Yes, at least one. Maybe two?

  • Read four books - I read 8 books
  • Get together with one friend - Semi-pass - I met up with a friend for trick or treating (with the kids) & we walked & chatted for an hour 
  • Plan my next girls trip - Nope. I got caught up with soccer weekends & planning a getaway with my husband. Worth it! Next month. :-) 

How about you? How did you do with your October goals? 


  1. As I don't do monthly goals in paper I'm not really tracking other than grocery goal. Savings rate was better in October

    1. Great news about the savings rate! I fall apart without goals. Maybe one day I'll be responsible enough not to need them. When I grow up. :-)

  2. As I don't do monthly goals in paper I'm not really tracking other than grocery goal. Savings rate was better in October