Friday, August 2, 2019

Frugal Friday

And, with that, it's Friday! A few frugal things we've been up to this week:

Saving on things we buy:

  • Found more discounted sausage for $.99/package, so bought two for breakfast for Sam & M. They love it, & it's significantly cheaper than bacon when on markdown. 
  • Bought two packages of snack bars for the boys camp lunches for $1/box. I don't typically buy those type of treats (too much sugar), but they are playing soccer 6 hours/day this week, so I figured they would burn it off. :-) 
  • Remembered that I had a Walgreens account attached to my Fitbit, so installed the app & saw that I had a $20 reward!
  • Bought a hard seltzer 12 pack for $13.99, and filled out a rebate to earn $12 back. Walgreens makes things so difficult (out of the product at two stores, rebate doesn't print, etc), but finally got it to work.
  • I bought a $99 all inclusive fitness pass at a local studio I've been wanting to try. This has been great over my sabbatical, as my schedule is much more flexible. The classes are normally $25!!! I've already been 6 times, and plan to go another 6-8 times. That will make the classes a reasonable value, and will keep me in shape when the weather is too hot to be outside. It's also a good challenge for me, and I've been enjoying the social element. 

Earning money:

  • Sold a few things on eBay 
  • Filled out surveys on Swagbucks, and got invited to participate in a multi week community, that pays reasonably well
  • Completed Bing tasks, to earn towards another gift card
  • Updated all listings, changed prices, reviewed offers, etc.

Avoiding purchases/spending:

  • Saved $80 (&, $40 for a friend) by driving to pick up the boys from camp. Normally, they ride the bus, but since I was off this year, I had the option of picking them up. The road is incredibly windy & freaks me out, and I contemplated numerous times having them take the bus. Sucked it up, practiced deep breathing, & made it work!
  • Took out the last frozen pizza crust (it was part of a 3 crust pre made kit & sauce my husband picked up on a whim back in January or something). Everyone far preferred a homemade crust, but I picked up a nicer package of pepperoni to add, so the boys ate it. It's now out of the freezer!
  • Found a self addressed stamped envelope buried in our card drawer. Used it to mail in my Walgreens rebate (above). Win!
  • Continue to eat items from the freezer for dinner, make the most of leftovers, & watch our grocery bill!


  1. I really like your format-saved on items spent, earned money, and avoided spending. Do you mind if I borrow? I really hope to figure out the earned money strategy in the coming months-I just do not do well bundling the apps and coupons and so forth. I wouldn't fault yourself on the snack bars. If overall, their sugar ratio is quite small and balanced with complex carbs, protein, and natural sugars form fruit and veg, I think the sugar impact is negligible. Well, I tell myself that as a mom. I finally restocked my oatmeal so will be making some good snacks for the coming weeks. I plan to send my daughter off to college with a homemade goodie box for her first few days of meeting people.

    1. Absolutely - feel free to leverage. I went with that format, because my lists were getting too long & I was having a hard time grouping things.

      I'm with you, I'm all about balance for the kids. Our kids eat better than most people I know, so I'm okay with splurges.

      I love the idea of sending your daughter with goodies to share for her first few days!