Friday, August 23, 2019

Frugal Friday

It's been an expensive week, with two eBay issues (one my fault, and I should earn most of the money back by relisting. The second, not my fault & will require a claim with the post office.) I tried to still pull out a few frugal wins.

Saving on things we buy

  • Submitted vision coverage reimbursement for the two pair of glasses I ordered

Earning money

  • Nick found a dime in the change machine while we were doing automatic check out at the grocery store. I've (sadly) never though to look there, but I will now.
  • Found $.20 on the ground on my run (2 nickels & 1 dime)
  • I adjusted my sabbatical to end a few days early. I will at least get one paid holiday out of it (so, get paid for 5 days, work 4).
  • I had to transfer some of our savings to our new bank in order to qualify for an additional rate reduction. I noticed that there was a new client offer that would generate $600 for an investment transfer of our size. Filled out an application for both myself & M, and should be receiving that in 60 days. That's in addition to the rate reduction we received from making the transfer.

Avoiding purchasing/spending

  • We've done a good job of managing leftovers this week, which is always a relief. Used a grocery store freebie (cottage cheese) & a $.99 lb of ground turkey to make a delicious keto friendly lasagna. Yum!
  • Had an inexpensive date night. We'd originally asked if our nanny was available to babysit on Saturday night. She was out of town. A sitter would be $50, plus the cost of eating out. Instead, a friend offered to take the boys to an event they wanted to attend. Cost was $30 for their admission. We made a Keto pizza at home, and each had a cocktail. We probably saved close to $100 between the price of dinner out & the $20 difference on an activity vs a sitter. Win!
  • Finished all of the leftovers in the fridge before Sam & I left for Portland. M isn't great about using them up, so they often go to waste when I'm gone.
What frugal wins did you have this week?


  1. I'd call the dat night a huge win. Trading time and activities with other families sure helps stretch the budget and I always found it was easier having an extra child or two along anyway to keep the kids having fun.

    1. It's always so nice when it works out for sure!

  2. An extra $600 on your banking - that's great! My major win this week was when we went away for 4 nights for my birthday. Our only cost was gasoline, ferry and the ocean house rental fee (not cheap but worth it). We took all of our own groceries and liquor and cooked in (there were only 2 places to eat out on the island so this was not a hardship). We did spend about $11 on a tea at the ferry lineup and 2 hotdogs on the drive home at a roadside stand (not worth it, should have waited another 1.5 hrs till we got home). That also meant zero eating out costs for my birthday as usually we go out for lunch or dinner for it. So although the accommodation was costly nothing else was :) It all evens out in the end.

    1. That is a huge win for your birthday trip. It also sounds lovely & relaxing.

  3. Isn't it great when you can avoid using a sitter? I am eating out of the garden and freezer and we have no waste as it can go to the chickens if need be.Enjoy your last little bit of freedom my friend.

    1. It's so nice. We don't actually need a sitter (boys are 12 & 13), but M prefers to have one, so maybe next year we can skip them all together! Now, that would be some huge savings.