Saturday, August 31, 2019

Menu plan + great grocery store deal

I'm trying to get ahead of the menu planning this week, as I'll be back to work next week. Here's what we're planning on having this week:

Friday - pizza (Keto friendly for the adults, pepperoni for the kids) + salad
Saturday - date night. The kids will be with a sitter, and they will likely have quesadillas.
Sunday - taco casserole (new recipe)
Monday - M is making burgers, and I'll make coleslaw
Tuesday - leftover taco casserole
Wednesday - leftover burgers & I'll whip up a fresh batch of coleslaw
Thursday - carnitas (freezer)

I had a great grocery store trip yesterday, and combined rewards + the Friday freebie + marked down meat & the last of a gift card for an awesome stop. They had 1 lb packages of ground turkey marked down to $.99/lb. I bought three. The Friday Freebie was a package of 10 KCups ($7.99 regularly). I had $2.00 in rewards, and used a gift card to cover the $.97 remaining. What a deal!

As for today, Nick has a soccer scrimmage, & I'll pick up a friend to help another mom out with logistics. After that, Nick will be swimming with a buddy & Michael & I are heading to a 40th birthday party. A sitter will be coming over. We haven't needed our "nanny/driver for activities" at all, due to my sabbatical, so we'll have her cover our date night tonight, giving her some money. She is fantastic & so flexible, so I like to help out & try to ensure we give her hours when possible.

I am hoping to go for a run while Nick is at soccer, and get a few scheduling things sorted out for next week.

And with that, I'm off to work on the grocery list for the week. What about you? What's on your menu for the week? Anything new or any special grocery deals?


  1. It is a long weekend and back to school next week for us. Today is swimming at Lake Huron and local waterpark on Monday. We bought season passes to this water park for next year on sale, it costs as much as two tickets only and will take advantage of it next year. I also went to the big farmers market and splurge on some items we normally don't buy, like the good kind of sausage. Love the bounty of the end of summer! Need to start menu planning as well, I only do it occasionally, will have a busy week. Indoor sports will only start mid-October, we will get in some bike rides and looking into joining the local weekly parkrun.

  2. Sounds like a good grocery store shop. Can't beat that. I made chili yesterday since it's been cooler here, so I'm making chili tacos for dinner tonight. I need to make my menu for the rest of the week, so I know what we'll be having. Planning it all out makes for an easier week.

  3. What's your slaw dressing recipe? I got a head of cabbage for $ at the farmers market this morning-looks so fresh, I thought I'd make my own coleslaw in full. I normally cheat and buy pre-shredded with Jimmys dressing.

    1. Since we eat Keto, it may not be your cup of tea, but:

      I've found it works fine without the half & half as well, & significantly less mayo. I basically use: mayo, half & half (if on hand), dill, chives, mustard, garlic salt, pepper, etc.