Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekly Spending Roundup

Tracking my weekly spending helps us stay on track, & find areas for improvement. Which, sometimes we need. ;-)

  • Monday:
    • Costco - $42.69 for household stuff (cannot for the life of me remember what it was)
    • Costco - $58.64 for groceries
    • Safeway - $85.72 for gas
  • Tuesday
    • $3.57 - postage
    • $23 - hair cut for M
    • $15.40 - M met a friend for beer after work
    • $11.83 - gas
  • Wednesday
    • $12.57 - I bought lunch at Panera. Shame!
    • $3.57 - postage
    • $1528.62 - car repairs. When I went to the beach with my grandmother, I parked outside her house, & some terrible person hit my car & left without leaving a note. My deductible is $1,000, so the risk of having our insurance go up for $500 wasn't really worth it. I'm so angry & bitter about this expense.
  • Thursday
    • $131.37 - Victoria's Secret. I ordered another size of my bikini bottom, but free shipping is only if you spend $100 or more. I ordered a few other things & will return anything I don't want/like, which will probably be all of it.
    • $17.57 - postage
  • Friday
    • $18.50 - I bought myself a lunch and smoothie. Again, completely unnecessary. Planning would  solve these splurges.
    • $8.95 - Wendy's for the kids. I know, more eating out.
  • Saturday
    • $15 - time at the gym for the kids so I could work out.
    • $8.64 - groceries
    • $30 - the boys worked in the yard for three hours each to earn an allowance, and used their money on Pok√©mon cards. ;-)
  • Sunday
    • $15 - time at the gym for the kids so I could work out.
    • $95.32 - groceries at Costco.
    • $20.23 - eBay fees
Total spent last week = $2146.39. HOLY SMOKES! Our goal is $250/week, so this is 10x higher than it should be.

Wow. A very splurge-y, spendy week, on top of the car repairs. This is why I track the spending - so I can figure out where all of our money is going, & come up with alternatives & better ways to use our funds. I worked this weekend to cook & prep lunch foods, and don't plan to eat out at all this week, unless M is in town this weekend. His birthday is on Saturday, & Father's Day is Sunday. But, one off dining out is totally unneeded. My goal is to save, save, save, so I can quit my job & find something more flexible (and, will also pay less), so I need to be focusing on the big picture.

Also, eating out is not good for the waist line! The scale was up about a pound today, so no big shock on what's causing that.

How did you do with your weekly spending? Are you on track?


  1. I've had a very spendy week too. Eating out, shopping for bras (expensive!). It all adds up so quickly. We've had to dip into savings a couple of times which is a big no-no. I need to get on the ball too!
    Sorry about your car. That happened to me twice in my office parking lot. It's so discouraging.