Friday, March 1, 2013

February Fitness Challenge - Post your final results!

I cannot believe the month is over! I've been working crazy hours, M's been traveling, & N got the stomach flu. What a wild end to the shortest month.

February is officially over, & I'll be randomly selecting the two winners of the February Fitness Challenge on Sunday (March 3rd) evening, so you have until then to link your results in the comments. I'll take all of the comments/entries from the previous check ins as well.

My original February Fitness Challenge goals:
  1. Track my calories in MyFitnessPal every day, & stay within my calorie allotment 90% of the time. In February, that boils down to 25 days. It's my birthday month, so trying to be realistic. - I tracked my calories EVERY day. Including the not so good days. I'm using the learnings to figure out why I'm not losing weight. Basically, I have 2-3 days/month where I am very stressed & eat almost 1000 calories more than my goal. That offsets all of my progress for the week. It's amazing to have the knowledge & see it in concrete details. A few days of stress eating completely derails all of my hard work. Wow. Time to come up with alternative stress management techniques. I was on track 79% of the time, so well below my goal of 90%
  2. Get 1,000 minutes of cardio. - I finished 1267 minutes, so I crushed this goal!
  3. Complete 10 strength workouts. - I completed 6 workouts. I know that lifting weights helps me with all of my fitness goals, but making time for it with my busy running calendar is very tricky.
  4. Complete 7 stretching workouts. - Major fail. I completed two. I'm starting to go to bed really early to try & wake up at 5:00 am, which means no pilates in the evening.
  5. Bonus goal - attend a Pilates or Barre workout class. I have a Groupon for a local studio, but have never made it given M's travel schedule & the kids. I'd love to make this a priority. - I'm moving this off of my priority list for the month. It's just not realistic right now for me. The Groupon will expire without me using it (*cringe*), but right now, I need to set realistic goals for myself & worry about what I can accomplish at home with the kids.

So there you have it. I successfully two goals, partially completed two others, & failed at my last goal.

I'm going to be back with all of my March goals - lots of fun things to think about, especially around not getting offtrack with my eating a few days a month & letting it unwind all of my hard work.

Please reply with links to your blog & comment on your progress!

Thanks & can't wait to email the lucky winners of the $25 paypal prizes.


  1. Utter fail on my part, but I am not so good at these challenges. When I am not doing a challenge - I really kick it, but when I am, the whole thing seems to fall apart.

    Oh well!

  2. Ditto... I didn't even start. February was just such a crappy-mood month! Hope March gets a little better.

  3. I didn't meet my goals very well. I wanted to be tin 500 minutes of activity and I only made half that. Other goal was no chips, which I broke one week but have been on track most of the time. I wanted to get my 5k under 28 minutes, which I did once. Oh well, it's a new month, I should start tracking my eating again...

  4. Here are my completed and uncompleted challenges!
    I think you did well!

  5. Here is my final numbers.