Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A reformed shopper

First, I just have to say that it's been five months since I've bought myself any clothes or shoes. That's absolutely huge for me. :-) Progress, baby!

I used to be a social shopper - I shopped with friends, I shopped for my own entertainment, I shopped as retail therapy when I'd had a bad day or wanted to celebrate a happy occasion. Basically, I loved to shop & constantly filled my closet.

In 2012, I spent $1655 on clothes. About 1/2 of that was on running stuff - shoes, gear, etc. My budget for 2013 is $300, which will *hopefully* cover my running shoes, but it will be tight for sure.

So, how have I reformed my former shopper ways?

Some of these are pretty basic, but here goes:

  1. I stopped shopping for "sport". I enter the mall only when I really need something (usually a gift, or something for the kids).
  2. I started selling my extras/unwanted items on eBay. Honestly, this has been the biggest one. Knowing that my dress that I wore once & no longer like is now worth $2 is a pretty good reality check. I'm at just over $1,000 in net eBay profits, & 90% of everything I'm selling is from my closet. And, I'm still well dressed & shod. . . so, that tells me I had an embarrassing amount of stuff before, & quite frankly, I'm ashamed that I was so wasteful with our money. I would much, much, MUCH prefer a family trip to Hawaii over a bunch of inexpensive tops that I'll wear a few times before they get a hole.
  3. I forced myself to really inventory what I had. I cleaned my closet (I'm actually on the third round of this), and put everything that I rarely wear into a pile. If it was worth selling, it went into the eBay pile. If not, it either went into the donation pile, or to give to my sister if I thought she might like it. My closet, while not completely done, mostly contains only things that I regularly wear and use, & I love it! I'm thoroughly enjoying the lack of clutter, & the ease of picking out my clothes for the day.
  4. I changed my priorities. Really, it's pretty much that. I decided that I'd rather have a few quality pieces that update my look (and, I still spend enough to get quality running gear), but the rest of the money? I'd rather spend it on travel, dates with M, & entering races. And, by regularly tracking and quantifying how much I was spending on shopping, it forced me to realize where my priorities were before, & where I want them to be.
Like, here:

We're saving up for another one of those fabulous family Hawaii vacations. :-)

How about you? Are you a reformed shopper? What changed your ways?


  1. I am actually one the few that hates to shop, especially clothes for myself. I tend to wear it til it falls off of me. However, my kids constantly need, so I am shopping for clothes about once a month.

  2. I am one who needs to shop. I have so few articles of clothing (and none of them are "quality" items) that they get worn out quickly. then I feel bad about my clothes because they look terrible. But I can't justify buying anything new. So I wear the ragged clothes.

    1. Check eBay! The prices can be awesome, if you know your size. I've sold dresses & jeans for $.99. Things sometimes go for crazy cheap.

  3. I was a huge shopper until we were saving for our first house. I only went shopping once that year. Since then, I've never gotten back on the habit of shopping as a hobby.

  4. I am a shopper of kitchen gadgets, reformed purse shopper. Luckily for me, my kitchen is small so no more room for stuff. Since I am trying to lose weight no clothes shopping for me for a long while.

  5. I had to build a small wardrobe for my temporary job. I decided on a plan before I started. If I couldnt wear it with 3 other items, I wouldn't buy it.
    I kinda got the bug to shop and browse again...
    My one pair of dress shoes that I love and wear all of the time want a friend !)
    Soon it's spring and I can wear sandals some days. So I'm fighting the urge!