Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Cleaning & March goals

I was so inspired to declutter our house this weekend! We made a ton of progress on our decluttering, & it felt SO good. Here's what we accomplished:

  1. Cleaned one kitchen cupboard that's above the microwave & hard to access. Donated all contents (minus one lonely tupperware that was in the wrong spot) & turned that into a storage spot for my bread maker.
  2. Cleaned two drawers in the cupboard that we rarely use. Donated about 75% of the contents, reorganized remaining items so they are easier to find.
  3. Went through the boys toys (this is an ongoing project - always :-)) & donated four grocery bags full of toys + 5 complete Lego sets.
  4. Went through my closet, (this is also a work in progress) and donated 5 items and listed 10 more items on eBay.
Yeah for progress!

And, with one week left in March, I wanted to do a quick goal check. I've been ticking off these tasks daily, which has really helped.
  1.   Lose  2 lbs, bringing my weight to 143. - I'm at 144! I've finally made progress. Can't wait to see 143. :-)
  2. Track my food every day in My Fitness Pal - Yep!
  3. Average 1500 calories/day - I'm at 1574. I was down closer to 1525, but I've had some higher calorie days after long workouts this past week.
  4. Complete 1200 minutes of cardio workouts - I'm at 930, may not hit my stretch goal, but I'm getting in lots of exercise.
  5. Complete 10 strength workouts. - Yes, I've done 11 so far! My arms are definitely looking more toned.
  6. Complete 7 stretching workouts - I'm on track, at 6!
  7. Run consistently - on track, save for my one week where I was recovering from my half marathon & then got a cold.
  8. Run 80 miles this month. - I'm at 50 miles for the month. I don't see myself hitting 30 miles this week, but given my cold & recovering, I'm okay with this.
  9. Run 1 race - done!
  10. Achieve a personal record in my half marathon - yes!
  11. Find an April race - done! I'm running a 10K with M, & we're all registered.
  12. Find a race to run with my sister - done! We're doing a mud run in June. Should be fun. :-)
  13. Planned Mother's Day - done! We're combining this with my grandmother's 80th birthday, and taking her to the beach.
  14. Coordinate Spring Break plans - done! My parents are taking the kids for three days, they are going to camp for a day, & I'm staying home with them one day.
  15. Buy one tuition credit for each child - Done! I actually was able to buy two for each kid, with their birthday money and additional money we added. We kept their gifts very small this year (new bike helmets + a game) so we could instead use the money allocated towards their college accounts. They got plenty of other fun stuff. :-)
  16. Pay $5,000 additional principal on mortgage - No, this is likely on hold until we finish paying off our taxes, and we paid for some large home repairs. I still need to calculate how much we've paid so far.
  17. Have one date night/month with M - Yes! Our first real date night in five months, right after my half marathon. We celebrated & it was fabulous.
  18. Get together with two friends/month - Yes! Lots of fun get togethers this month.
  19. Track monthly spending, & create spending reports. - Yes, on track.
  20. Review our charitable contributions & increase by 10%.  - Yes, & I'm going to remove this goal, as it's now automated & it feels like cheating to give myself credit for this. :-)
  21. Clean out my closet. - I'm about 80% of the way through. I still have some dresses to try on & determine what to do with. That said, I've gotten rid of A TON! My closet almost entirely represents things that I wear regularly. :-)
  22. Clean out my dresser - yep, done!
  23. Make croissants - I switched this to try French bread, & made it this weekend. It was awesome.
  24. Set up meeting with attorney for wills. No, but I need to make this a top priority this week.  
  25. Generate $400 in side hustle! Yes, I'm over my $1000 goal & now I'm shooting for $1500.
  26. Book flights for girls trip - I'm 2/3 of the way there. Still need to coordinate with my sister (hopefully today), on her flights.
  27. Buy & mail secret sister gift. - Yes! Done.
  28. Read 3 books - Nope, haven't read anything this month. :-(
  29. Experiment with stress management techniques - well, the increased workouts & yoga seems to be working!
I originally thought I had 31 goals (one for each day of the month), but noticed I made a mistake in my numbering, & now for the life of me can't figure out what the last goal was. C'est La Vie! :-)

How about you? How are you doing with your March goals? Are you into spring cleaning & decluttering?


  1. I am sorry you are sick! Colds just seem more annoying than anything though.

    YEAH! I am so proud that you completed the stretching! That was the one I was rooting for most.

    Now, about that will...just teasing.

  2. Wow, you are totally rocking your goals and spring cleaning!