Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spending too much

I've not been as restrained with my daily spending lately, and it feels like money is slipping through my hands day by day. This is my "confession". :-)

We've been eating out a lot. I typically don't meet friends for lunches due to my work schedule, but things have been lighter the last few weeks, as I'm not running as much (kicking off a new training plan next week, but I'm in my easy week). As a result, I've met friends for lunch twice, gone out to lunch with M once, had a date night with M, met friends for a glass of wine once, and picked up food after my race on Saturday. We also ate out twice a few weeks ago for dinner as a family after exceptionally late work days.

Our dining out budget for March was $100, and we're already at $250. To put that in perspective, we spent $65 in January, & $200 in February (which included two birthdays & Valentine's Day).

Time to clamp down on the eating out & social spending.

I also got a pedicure, but that was my (planned) reward for finishing my half marathon.

I need to get back to my regularly weekly updates, as well. In positive news, I mailed my Secret Sister Swap gift off, so I'm feeling good about taking care of that. :-)

Getting super excited to celebrate this guy's 6th birthday this weekend. He continues to be the surprise of my life. Me + Nick at his 5th birthday last year. :-)

How's your spending going? Any fun weekend plans that you're looking forward to?


  1. Happy St Patty's birthday!

    This weekend I'll be working. Not much else to look forward to, though tomorrow we're having cake at 8am to celebrate the company VP's birthday and they're leaving by noon. I am not one to object to cake for breakfast. Have a great weekend!

    1. Cake for breakfast sounds super yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday to little Nick! He's a cutie!

    1. He is adorable. And, a lot of work. ;-) Love him!

  3. I'm amazed how easily I fall off the 'not spending wagon', so I can relate.

    Happy Birthday to Nick - he's too cute!