Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Plan Monday & February Fitness Challenge Winners

First up, thanks so much for everyone who participated in the February Fitness Challenge! Hopefully this will inspire you to continually set fitness goals for yourself, just like your financial goals.

Here are the winners of the $25 pay pal prizes! Just email me with where you want it sent, & I will get it to you (thehawaiiplan @ gmail . com) ->with no spaces, just to minimize spamming. :-) Kim and Jennifer ! Congratulations, ladies. :-)

I think this is the first week this year that M's not traveling, so I actually have to come up with a full meal plan!

  • Monday - Grilled chicken, rice, & roasted brussels sprouts
  • Tuesday - Chicken pesto pasta
  • Wednesday - Tacos (the kids FAVORITE meal. The adults are a little tired of it, so I may make us something else)
  • Thursday - focaccia bread paninis (made my own bread, & it's a winner!)
  • Friday - Leftovers
  • Saturday - Date night! We haven't been on a date together since October, so I'm pretty excited. :-)
  • Sunday  - Sausage and spinach risotto
What's on your menu this week? Any great new recipes to recommend?

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