Friday, September 14, 2012

Bits and pieces

A few random odds & ends about both our finances, as well as other things going on.

  • First, it's gorgeous in Seattle & promises to be a beautiful weekend. Both the boys have their first soccer games this weekend, which should be extremely comical. Love five year olds playing soccer!
  • I'm going to *make* time for two runs this weekend. I need to do a 5 miler and a 7+ miler. I'm behind on my training.
  • My back has been killing me - I have been hunched over at work, & not doing my pilates & yoga workouts. I need to make this a priority.
  • Work has been so stressful. I've been eating junk, staying late, & not sleeping due to stress. It's not a healthy environment right now. Not sure how long I can make the financial trade off for my own sanity.
  • I took a few additional "network" steps this week, & I'm proud! I consulted a resume service, & hope to have a revised resume by next week to start sending out. I also made contacts with a few people in Portland who work in my industry & they've agreed to do informal calls with me. Yeah!
  • I paid off our credit card debt that we accrued after our huge tax bill. Love having that cleaned up.
  • I made a $10,000 payment on our second mortgage today, with my additional bonus money.
  • I bought each of the kids 5 tuition credits.
  • I put away $10,000 for our taxes, $10,000 for our emergency fund, $2,000 for my mom's trip, $5000 for our family Hawaii trip, & an additional $10,000 in my *moving slush fund*. Just in case.
  • I bought myself the jeans & hair product I mentioned a few posts ago - my bonus splurges!
  • I'm going to Las Vegas with my mom & sister to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday on Thursday. I can't wait - I'm in desperate need of a little work break. ;-)
  • I accomplished 15/18 items off of my work to do list today. Yes!
  • I fully plan to have multiple margaritas tonight. Love my husband's mixologist skills.

And, enough about all of that. What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Wow! Good stuff!! :) My weekend... No idea! Hopefully date night tomorrow night!