Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend plans

I love the anticipation that a Friday afternoon brings. I'm always filled with so much hope about all of the things I can get done on Saturday & Sunday. I'm pretty efficient & usually get a huge chunk, but it's never everything that I hoped. Are you similar? :-)

Anyway, tonight we have a PTA fundraiser/barbecue at the boys elementary school. Tomorrow I have a 7 mile run scheduled, & I'd like to do some freezer baking. We also have a date night booked. Woohoo! Sunday will be more running & preparing for the week ahead.

And, I just have to congratulate myself on one LONG over due task. I've been meaning to change my last name on a hotel rewards account for. . . over 7 years. We're going to be using a reward in November for our Hawaii vacation, so I finally got on the ball & faxed in the appropriate information. I just received confirmation today & marked this off of my rolling "long-term" to do list. It's a little shameful, but it's finally done!! :-)

Goals for the week ahead:
  1. No dining out (minus planned date night).
  2. Get in all training runs (hoping to get into my 5 am run routine again)
  3. Complete 3 strength training & 3 yoga/pilates workouts.
  4. Allocate/distribute/pay all planned accounts after my stock & bonus clears.
  5. Blog 3x (here & on my running blog).
  6. Stock the freezer
  7. Clean out a few of our closets! They are a wreck.

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