Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wrapping up a productive weekend

I'm exhausted & my back has been bothering, but I had an extremely productive weekend!

The boys had soccer (& soccer pictures) yesterday, followed by a trip to Costco for groceries & Halloween costumes. (A pirate & a knight, respectively ;-)).

I did a five mile run, which felt pretty good. I also made a fabulous goat cheese, pear, & chicken pizza for dinner, and two loaves of peanut butter banana bread. Yum.

I cleaned both of the kids closets (and their entire rooms)! I went through all of the clothes, toys & books. We donated 5 giant bins to Goodwill, and recycled a ton of stuff. Yes!!

I also cleaned our hall closet, which has been a mess for months.

I made two fiesta chicken casseroles (one for tonight, & one for the freezer). I washed all of the sheets, did the laundry & caught up on other household projects.

I attempted to go for my seven mile run, but my back was really hurting, so I called it a day after 4 miles. Yikes. I'm hoping some ibuprofen & rest does the trick.

And now we're relaxing  & getting ready for dinner. I love productive weekends! How about you? What did you get done this weekend?


  1. That's one productive weekend!

    Sorry our backs hurting :(