Saturday, July 13, 2013


We got back late this afternoon from our water park adventure with the kids. Good times were had by all. :-) I'm going to take advantage of the hint of relocating & work on my ongoing 2013 decluttering projects. I went through the kids bookshelf tonight & found about 50 books to donate. So, I'm about .002% done with decluttering the house! ;-)

Anyway, here's what I'm planning to do tomorrow:

  1. Yoga
  2. 4 mile run
  3. Bike ride with the kids
  4. Menu plan for the week
  5. Finish packing for my girls trip on Thursday
  6. Sunday Funday event at our gym with the kiddos
  7. Strength workout - arms
  8. Wash all sheets/make beds
  9. Laundry
  10. Make cranberry muffins for M
  11. Bake bread
  12. If it's not too hot, bake banana wheat germ bread
  13. Go through filing cabinet & ditch all unneeded paper work
  14. Clean out gift/card area of our laundry room
  15. Use up a gift card at a drugstore that's about to expire

If I get all of that done, I'll be thrilled! :-)

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish tomorrow?

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