Monday, July 1, 2013

June Goals - Recap

I must confess that I didn't even look at my June goals while I was on vacation, so things got a bit dicey there. ;-)

Below are my goals for June, along with how I did.

1) Pay cash for our vacations & take nothing out of our regular savings (I have a special vacation savings) to cover. - Done!
2) Stay within our grocery budget of $500. - Massive fail. I thought we would be able to hit this, but had to stock up last night, and have an unexpected house guest. (more on that later.) We spent $729.
3) Research 10 job options, including 2 networking contacts. - I've definitely done this. I deemed July my official month to kick off the search.
4) Update LinkedIn profile. - Nope. This will roll over to July's goals.
5) Make all reservations for girls trip in July (my sister's 40th birthday trip). - Yes! All set - but I just did it last night. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. ;-)
6) Read 4 books. Reading helps me relax, which I know I need more of. ;-) - Yes! I read 7 books, most of them on vacation.
7) Fitness goals:
  • 1000 minutes - 1102!
  • 15 strength workouts - 9
  • 10 stretching workouts - 5
8) Add $500 to our savings account. - Done!
9) Earn $500 for my girls trip. This is a huge stretch goal, as I've already made close to $2500 on eBay, and have limits on selling multiples of my higher ticket items at one time.  - I made $215.
10) Come up with something for a family that is really struggling. One of my son's friends mother is losing her battle with cancer, and they have brought in hospice. She has twin seven year olds, and a ten year old. My heart is breaking & I want to help, but also don't want to burden or inconvenience them. :-( - Done.
11) Turn the following freezer items into "something" :-):
  • Ham - I used 1/2 of it. Still a chunk in the freezer.
  • Carrot puree. I used what was frozen, but now there's more in my fridge. Too many carrots! :-)

How did you do with your June goals? I hope they were a success! On to July! :-)


  1. Hardly anything is in red. I think, you did pretty good :)

    1. Thanks - I'm okay with the progress, given the vacation at the end of the month. I definitely wasn't focused on goals on vacation. ;-)

  2. You did great overall I think!! I haven't looked at mine, but I have a feeling they were a BIG FAT FAIL. *blush* I'll post tomorrow... lol!

    1. I always need to check, or things fall apart, so I hear you!

  3. You did great anyway! Good luck in July :)

    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed for a great month ahead for all of us.