Sunday, July 14, 2013

Frugal tidbits for the week & a Sunday recap

I'm trying to get better about focusing on frugal tasks each week, so I thought a weekly post might help. Here are things I've done to save money this week:

  • Three no-spend days! (Monday-Wednesday)
  • Remembered that I had money left in an old survey account that I rarely use, and requested a check for $10.
  • Uploaded my fitness activity (we get rewarded at work for exercising) & earned a $10 drugstore gift card.
  • Used the $10 gift card to purchase magazines for my trip this week. (We split up some of the shared items, & each buy a few things).
  • Listed two items on Craigslist (decluttering & potentially making money - double win!)
  • Went through all of the books in the house (and, I swear that I thought all of the adult books had already been donated!) & found two bins of books (mostly kids books) to sell at Half Price Books

And, while I didn't get everything done today, I did get quite a few things marked off of my list.

  1. Yoga
  2. 4 mile run
  3. Bike ride with the kids
  4. Menu plan for the week
  5. Finish packing for my girls trip on Thursday
  6. Sunday Funday event at our gym with the kiddos
  7. Strength workout - arms
  8. Wash all sheets/make beds
  9. Laundry
  10. Make cranberry muffins for M
  11. Bake bread
  12. If it's not too hot, bake banana wheat germ bread - Yes, although I ended up making chocolate chip muffins instead.
  13. Go through filing cabinet & ditch all unneeded paper work
  14. Clean out gift/card area of our laundry room
  15. Use up a gift card at a drugstore that's about to expire
It was too hot today for a bike ride in the afternoon (should have done it in the morning!), & the house is now too hot for yoga. I didn't get to the filing cabinet, but did the books instead.

And, here are a couple of pictures of my crew at the water park over the weekend! The two younger ones are mine. :-) Obviously, they had a great time!

I'll take it! How was your Sunday?

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  1. Looks like you had fun! Every time I look at one of your "to do" lists, I feel like such a slacker. Whew. I need to take a few lessons in time management.