Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Goal Check - Mid-Month

The month is halfway over (already!) so I thought it would be good to see how I'm doing against my January goals. Following up on my progress reminds me of anything that I still need to do, & helps me prioritize my time.

Also, I sold something else (two old portable DVD players) on Craig's List yesterday for $30. Woohoo! Two snowflakes for the year. :-)
  1. Lose 4 pounds. This should be very doable. Goal end weight for January is 143. - No, sadly. I've done really well on my exercising, & reasonably well on my eating, but no progress. I'm going to continue to push on. I'm in that hard initial part, where I know I'm getting in better shape & converting fat to muscle, as well as letting my stomach adjust to smaller portions. :-)
  2. Track food & exercise every day in My Fitness Pal. - Yes! And, I added something to this goal to stay within my calorie goals for 90% of the days. So far, I'm at 10/15 for January.
  3. Complete 1100 minutes of cardio. - On track. I'm at 526 minutes of cardio.
  4. Complete 10 strength workouts. - I'm at 4/10, so a little bit off pace.
  5. Complete 10 stretching workouts. - 2/10, so off pace. Need to step this up.
  6. Run consistently, which means:
  7. Run 1 race. I'm currently signed up for a very close (& frugal - $15!) race on January 12th.  - Done!
  8. Run 20 miles/week. - Pretty much, although I've tried to just make this "run consistently", which is a little more vague, but on week's where I'm skiing twice, or on days when I have an actual race, easing up the mileage. Basically, I'm ramping up my running, & don't want to focus so much on the number/goal that I'm injuring myself.
  9. Run 100 miles for the month. - I'm at just over 30 miles for the month, but pleased with my ramp up, as I took a few weeks off over the holidays.
  10. Buy one tuition credit for each child. - This is on hold until I can cash some holiday checks that I have. I'm waiting for our refinance to clear, as you have to "source" all of your deposits, & I'd prefer not to have to source checks from my family. ;-)
  11. Pay $5000 principal on mortgages. (This will be dependent upon the timing of our refinances.) - We've paid $1359 so far, & have two pending mortgage payments that may or may not close by the end of the month due to the date of our closing.  
  12. Have one date night (or lunch) with M. I have a gift card to keep the costs low. - This is scheduled for this week!
  13. Get together with two friends. - Done! I got together with one friend for lunch, & skied/had dinner with other friends over the weekend.
  14. Track spending, stick to budget, & create a monthly report. - On track!
  15. Increase charitable giving by 10% - On track!
  16. Clean my closet, dresser, & donate/purge 20 items from the house. - I've purged more than 20 items (and am actually shooting for 20 items/week, and I think I'm at 50 for the month). I've also cleaned my dresser. My closet is currently a disaster, pending listing a bunch of stuff on Ebay.
  17. Practice my baking skills by trying one bread & one English muffin recipe. - Done! The English muffin bread didn't rise, but I'll keep trying because the taste was fabulous. I also made a bread recipe, but I'm still definitely learning on getting the bread to rise. I have mixed luck on that element. :-)
  18. Research wills online (i.e. what do we need to do to prepare? Is it covered under my legal insurance, etc). - Yes! We've tentatively agreed on a guardian, & I have a meeting set with an attorney. Woot!!!!!


  1. Looks like your completely on track for so many of these items!

    Congrats on finding a Guardian!

  2. Finding an appropriate guardian for ones kids is so difficult sometimes, especially if you both come from very small families....or in our case, a small family and OTOH, a family will no good choices for various reasons.lol

    Can it really be midway through Jan. already??!!

  3. So glad you set up an appointment with an attorney for your wills! Not fun, but so important!

    I have to set up an appointment to put all of our accounts into a revocable living trust, AND update our wills.

  4. You are doing great on your goals!

  5. You're doing great and still have half the month left! You'll knock it out of the park this month!! ;)

  6. Wow you really hit the ground running in January! Well done :)

  7. Thanks all! It's been a crazy few days, but progress is being made. Yes! :-) Still a lot to do before I can close out the month as a success. Fingers crossed.