Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have a goal this year of generating an extra $1,000 in snowflakes/side hustle, & I've kicked it off with a vengeance! I figure it's best to get started on this goal right away, as my motivation wanes at the end of the year. :-)

How do I plan to spend it? Well, it's my sister's 40th birthday in September, & M & I made a deal not to spend any of our 2013 budget on travel. I'd still like to do something special & keep our annual girls trip this summer, so I'm hoping to save enough for a trip to Las Vegas, as the money won't be coming from our 2013 funds.

Here's what I'm thinking for a budget:

  • Three nights in a hotel (I'm hoping we can get 1-2 nights comped based on previous visits) - $200
  • Airfare - I think I have enough frequent flier miles to cover our tickets. Taxes/fees - $50
  • Food - this is where the bulk of the spending will come from, I think - $550 (my part)
  • Cabana rental - a total indulgence, but split three ways, & cabana/pool day is our favorite part of the trip. My part will be $200
And, here's how I'm doing with my snowflake so far!

  • $30 - sold two portable DVD players on Craig's List
  • $13 - sold books at Half Price books
  • $8.95 - rebate check
I also have around $170 of Ebay sales that will be ending in the next day or so, a $30 survey check I'm expecting, $10.15 in a book sale from Amazon, & about $15 leftover from holiday checks that I haven't cashed (due to our refinance).

That's a confirmed (money in hand) of $51.95, & an expected total of $277! I'm so happy with my progress so far, & would like to earn basically all of the money before the summer, & then set a new goal of $350 or so for a trip to Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor water park) with the kids before Christmas. I'm also looking into other income streams, like potentially writing or editing opportunities.

How about you? How are you doing with your snowflakes or side hustles?


  1. I would need to make and sell a lot to make enough for my trip - ITALY. Such a dream, but hey, what are you, if not for a dream.

    You are doing fabulous on having your cake and eat it too! That is, definitely,the way to go.

    1. Oooh, Italy! That's also my dream! We had tickets for my 30th birthday, & then I found out I was pregnant, so we went to Victoria instead. It was lovely, but not Italy. :-)

  2. I am doing poorly with bringing in extra money, need to make more of an effort.

    You are doing so well,


    1. Thank you! I'm motivated at the moment, thinking of the Las Vegas sunshine & hanging out with my girl friends. :-)

  3. You're doing awesome so far!! You'll reach your goal i'm sure!! Stupid question, but why is food so high for 3 days?

    I'm doing awesome with my "bonus" money... it's ALL going into savings!! :)

  4. It should probably be called "food & drinks", & we typically have a light breakfast, light lunch or appetizers, & then go to a fancy place for dinner. Adding in drinks (and, we always do drinks - lushes!), it's pricey. we could easily, easily, easily do it for a tiny budget, but we dress up & wear our best dresses & make it an entire event. So much fun! Hence my motivation to earn the extra money. ;-)

  5. You're doing great! Your trip sounds like a good motivator!

  6. WOW, I think a trip to Vegas would motivate me too! Good job on gathering that much that fast!