Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday night chit chat

Thanks to Carla, for hosting!

  • Reading - I haven't started a new book, so nothing really.
  • Watching - Arthur, with the kiddos.
  • Listening to - Ditto above.
  • Baking/Cooking - It was a low key weekend for cooking, but I made a homemade cheese pizza (kids) & a chicken pesto pizza for the adults.
  • Happy you accomplished this week - I got a ton of big work projects done, & we finished one of two refinances.
  • Looking forward to next week - I have another monster work project, & if I can get that done, it will be amazing & a total relief. Also, if I can get our second refinance out of the way, it would be brilliant!
  • Thankful for today - for having the time & energy to ski with the kiddos. Today, S outskied my husband, who is a double black diamond skier. It was quite the moment. S still has some skills to learn, but his speed & fearlessness is unmatchable, especially by us old folks. ;-)
  • *BONUS QUESTION* Are you an optimist or a pessimist? - Optimist, for sure!
  • First time we put S in ski gear, right before we took him to the mountain. He was not quite three, & a natural. :-)

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    1. Gosh he's cute!!! I so miss having a "little boy" around! lol! I remember Arthur, Dallas used to LOVE it as well! :) Have a great week!