Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October goals & a quick net worth check in

I'm waiting for a batch of orange muffins to come out of the oven. Why am I waiting? Well, because somehow two of my three muffin tins got lost in the move. What a random thing to lose. So, I have six dozen muffins mixed, & one muffin tin. ;-) Looks like I'll be at this for a while.

Net worth for October 1st:

We had a big jump in our net worth this month, as we paid off our 401K loan, my bonus came through, etc.

  • Debt (mortgages only) - $949,926
  • House values - $1,445,000
  • Retirement savings - $672,787
  • Liquid cash - $28,760

Total net worth - $1,196,621 - up 11% from our August net worth (I didn't calculate it in September due to the move & forgetting ;-)).

*Note that stock awards are not included, as they require employment terms, and if either of lost our job, the value would immediately go to zero. To be conservative, we are not including these, although they are worth a substantial amount - $450,000 gross, between the two of us. That money will be recognized each year as the options vest.

And, now on to October goals!

I promise to recap September, but spoiler alert - I didn't do very well. The move took basically all of my time & attention.

Here's what I want to get done in October.

  1. Bump my cardio back up to 1,000 minutes/month. I hit a new low in August, & barely surpassed that in September.
  2. Complete 5 strength & 5 stretching workouts/week.
  3. Stay within my budget for both girl trips (one is visiting here - have yet to set a budget for this one, & I need to, & the other is in Las Vegas).
  4. Stock the freezer with meals to make my transition back to work easier.
  5. Get the house officially unpacked & done. I'm 95% there, but the last 5% is proving to be very difficult.
  6. Find all doctors/dentists for everyone in the family.
  7. Make an appointment for myself to get to the dentist.
  8. Reduce our food budget to $750 (between groceries & eating out)
  9. Rent our main residence.
  10. Finalize plan for vacation house, & either get it listed for sale or put it up for long-term rental.
  11. Plan holiday trips & book flights.

I think that should do it! What are your October goals?


  1. I was going to write about my Oct goals yesterday, but the post rang long. I should be finishing that soon... pretty much, it's to get back the control over my personal spending while at my parents'... it's been way wrong. I also need to study like a crazy person! So behind.

  2. Almost 1.2 million! Very nice! You are kicking butt.

  3. Great progress on your Net Worth!

    Good luck in October :)