Friday, August 1, 2014

August Goals

It's that time again! I liked the format I used in July, so I'm going to continue again in August. Here's what I'd like to accomplish this month.

  1. Fitness-related:
    1. Lose 1 pound
    2. Track my calories every day in MyFitnessPal
    3. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio
    4. Complete 8 strength workouts
    5. Complete 6 stretch workouts
    6. Run/finish my relay event
  2. Finance-related:
    1. Finish reworking our budget to take into account yearly categories (vs solely focusing on monthly numbers)
    2. Stick to our budget!
    3. Stick to vacation budget on family trip to the Oregon coast.
    4. Sell 2 bikes on Craigslist, and put the money in the boys activity fund (help offset their expensive soccer club).
    5. File all paperwork.
    6. Rework childcare budget for 2015, with nanny & summer camps finalized.
    7. Finalize Hawaii trip details.
    8. Start looking at plans for the holidays (flights, time off, etc)
  3. Personal
    1. Get all back to school details sorted out, including nanny schedule + soccer schedule.
    2. Get sorted business trip sorted out, including passport & early entry program.
    3. Plan one social event with friends.
    4. At least one date night with M.
    5. Continue to rework my work schedule to better accommodate evening meetings (consolidate them all into one evening to minimize disruption to my life).
    6. Use or freeze all fresh produce from the garden.
    7. Read 5 books.
What are you hoping to accomplish in August? 

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