Sunday, July 2, 2017

June goals - how did I do?

Another month draws to a close! Let's check in & see how things went in June.

1) Financial - 
  • Meet with realtor to discuss/adjust pricing & get our Seattle house sold! - We are under contract! Again!
  • Finalize our budget list for our (new) house - We are in pretty good shape, but need to wrap up a few details, now that we have a number for our house sale. 
  • Finalize family budget for post rental house sale - We are in pretty good shape, but need to wrap up a few details, now that we have a number for our house sale. 
  • Find one alternative cost cutting option - We've been consistently bringing our own water bottles when we travel, as well as using our re-usable ziplocks when possible. 
  • Avoid buying groceries while the kids are with my parents (this should be easy, as we always have plenty in the fridge) & keep grocery spending in check when I'm with the kids at the beach - We did well, for the most part. Before we left, we bought coffee, salmon (for M to eat while I was gone), & frozen pizza for the freezer that was on sale. Once we were at the beach, we did fine with our shopping, but have recently purchased groceries for our family trip (feeding 10 people, 3 meals a day for 4 days is not cheap). If we use up most things, I'll consider it a win!
  • Sell another $100 of items on either eBay or my local Facebook swap site. - Crushed this, and sold $511 on my local Facebook site + eBay. Used the cash to fund shopping for our vacation, spending money, and some donation/gifts that I needed to cash flow. 
  • More decluttering & organizing in our new house (would like to get the boys closet shelving installed, so they can put away/organize all of their games & toys) - We didn't get to the closets. However, I went through all of our games, toys & boys clothes at our beach house & have a huge donation pile. So, considering this a win!
2) Family - Spend more time together as a family!

  • Do a minimum of one fun activity/month with the kids. This can be family puzzle night, cooking dinner together, board games, going out somewhere, etc. - We've had a great time with the boys, particularly on vacation. Lots of family time. 
  • Be more present with the kids & M - play games, minimize computer time, exercise together, etc. - We've had a great family month in June. 
  • Have three dates with M  - the kids are out of town for a few days, so this should be doable! - Yes! We had three date nights, and it was, as expected, fabulous. :-) 
  • Finalize M's birthday & Father's Day - check!
  • Figure out what to do for my dad for Father's Day - check!

    3) Fitness/health - Lose 4 pounds in June
    • Run 25 miles in June - I changed my fitness routine in June, & loved it. I focused on strength training, not running, to see if it would make a difference in my overall body shape & strength & really enjoyed it. I did fall off of the wagon a bit on vacation, as expected. 
    • Start training for my relay - yes! Have done two training walks.
    • Eat five servings of fruit & vegetables (combined) per day - ended the month with 4.25
    • Complete 1000 minutes of cardio - Finished with 840 minutes. 
    • Complete 6 strength workouts. - My highest month ever, with 16 strength workouts!
    • Complete 6 stretching workouts. - Finished with 5 stretching workouts, which is my highest monthly total for the year. 

    4) Work/career - Improve my work life balance.
    • Keep better perspective at work/reduce stress  - having a vacation towards the end of the month to look forward to really helped. 
    • Work from home 2x this month. -  Yes, I think I managed three times this month. 
    • Brainstorm how I would spend my time if I wasn't working. Really think creatively about what this would mean, what the challenges would be, etc. - this is on my list for July!

      5) Personal/creative - Spend more time on myself/creative pursuits.
      • Try a new recipe - I don't think I've tried any new recipes for the month. 
      • Do something social at least once per month. - I spent lots of time with my family, and my bestie, so counting this!
      • Volunteer a minimum of 1x/month. - Yes, squeezed in time for volunteering at the last school event. 

      Overall, I'm super pleased with the month and my progress. What about you? How was your June? Any big wins for the month?

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