Saturday, February 24, 2024

Frugal Saturday

 We got home from a great ski trip yesterday. The view, coming off of one of the runs. We also celebrated Sam's 18th birthday, and that he got into another college, with a very strong program for his major. 

Saving on things we buy

  • I needed a couple of new bras, and Target sent me a birthday promo code. I saved $5, and also used $2 of Target earnings to offset the cost slightly. 
  • I ordered the boys breakfast ahead of skiing (bagels, breakfast sandwiches) at Starbucks & used rewards & a gift card to offset most of the cost. Next time, we will also bring bananas to have on hand. 
  • We used our season's pass to save 20% off the cost of the exorbitant lodge food. 

Earning money

  • I sold our Soda Stream (never gets used, because teen boys are impatient!) for $20
  • M & I both received checks for $80 each for a settlement. 

Avoiding spending

  • Can't think of anything

Eating what we have

  • Dug chicken curry out of the freezer, and had that for a couple of dinners
  • Baked up a big pan of chicken pieces, and that lasted for a dinner, and three lunches. 
  • I've been every so slowly using up the "Fancy" NYE cheese that didn't get eaten. I've been having a little bit with fruit, when I'm home for lunch. I also made an appetizer tray that featured cheese, and a few leftovers Superbowl snacks (cucumber, buffalo chicken dip & crackers). 
  • After a long run, I ordered takeout sandwiches, and Nick went to pick them up. I was very much craving a sandwich, and our fridge was pretty empty ahead of being out of town. The sandwich place forgot my sandwich. I ended up making myself a breakfast burrito. 
  • We got home late yesterday, so I had cheese, crackers & the last pear. I finished off some of the NYE crackers. 

For others

  • We reunited two lost children during our ski trip - one with their panicked parents, and one with ski patrol. 
We're heading out this morning for a college tour. Fingers crossed we have a decision soon!

What about you? Any wins to share?


  1. Glad you had a great vacation and have fun on the college tour! Cindy in the South

  2. Great savings. You did good.

    My best savings was heading to the store today and picking up two large hams for $1.49 a pound.

    God bless.

    1. That's a great deal on ham! Only one of my diners will eat ham with me, so we usually skip it.

  3. So glad y’all had a great time! Sounds like lots of fun, and yay for helping those lost children! Congrats to Sam for getting another acceptance letter! That’s exciting!

    1. Ironically, I've only taken the boys skiing by myself once, and Nick was too young to read, was much faster than me, and took the wrong turn at a sign & I had to call ski patrol. So, it happens!

  4. Sounds like a fun vacation. Ugh on the sandwich shop leaving your sandwich out.

    1. My devastation in the moment was so real. I was starving & craving something very specific, and when Nick walked in with the bag & we discovered they forgot my sandwich... I was hilariously sad.