Monday, March 11, 2013

Making progress on my March goals!

I'm feeling great about my March progress!

I ran in my third half marathon on Saturday, & shaved three minutes off of my previous best time. Now, it was a completely flat course & my previous races were hilly, but I'm still considering it a win! I'm very "focused". :-)

Here are my March goals, along with my progress so far! Red means I'm behind my target, yellow means I'm tracking on target, & green means I've achieved my monthly goal. How are you doing with your March goals?

1) Lose 2 pounds, bringing my weight to 143. - I'm holding steady right now, but hoping to see a dip in the next week. I always retain water after races.
2) Track my food/exercise every day in MFP - Yep!
3) Average 1500 calories/day for the month - I'm high after my eating over the weekend. Need to work to bring this down over the next couple of weeks.
4) Complete 1,200 minutes of cardio - On track, at 455.
5) Complete 10 strength workouts - On track, with 5.
6)Complete 7 stretching workouts - On track, with 3.
8) Run consistently - On track!
9) Run 5 miles without stopping - Done, in my race this weekend! Woohoo!
10) Run 20 miles+ per week, 80/month - Kind of. Some weeks are higher, some are lower due to my training plan.
11) Run 1 race - Done!
12) Achieve a PR in my half marathon - Done!
13) Find an April race - Done! I'm running a 10K with M. :-)
14) Find a race with Kiki - I think we've found one, but need to register.
15) Plan Mother's Day - this is planned, but need to find a day.
16) Coordinate spring break plans - Done!
17) Buy one tuition credit for each child - Done! Hit send on the bill pay today. :-)
18) Pay $5,000 of principal on mortgages - Not on track. Had to pay close to $3K for home repairs.
19) Have one date night per month with M - Yes! The long overdue return, after 5 months. It was fabulous. :-)
20) Get together with 2 friends/month - Yes!
21) Track spending, stick to budget, monthly reports - On track.
22) Review our charitable contributions & increase giving by 10% - This is automated, so kind of a cheat. I should really remove this, since we're doing it automatically.
23) Clean out my closet  - Kind of. I've inventoried everything, and made huge piles for my eBay sales.
24) Clean out my dresser - Nope.
25) Make croissants - Maybe this weekend. Yum!
26) Set up meeting with attorney - Nope. M's schedule has been very up & down.
27) Generate $400 in "side hustle" - On track!
28) Book flights for girls trip - Nope. Was hoping for a better deal, but may just have to bite the bullet.
29) Buy & mail secret sister gift! - I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver the other half of my order!
30) Read 3 books - Haven't even started.
31) Experiment with new methods of stress management - deep breathing - I'm working on more stretching.

How are you doing with your March goals?


  1. Great job in the race. At 1500 calories, are you eating enough so your body knows its ok to lose weight? For the amount you're working out, that just doesn't seem like very much.

    1. I've tried a variety of ranges, & this is the only one i consistently lose at. I do eat more on days when I have long runs, & try to balance that out on days when I'm not working out/running for as long. I certainly wish I had more flexibility with the calories, but if I edge up into the 1600 range, I don't lose anything.

  2. How on earth can you have 31 goals for one month?????


    1. Well, to be fair, a lot of them are more like to do list items that I just wanted to track this month. ;-)

  3. And, I have no idea what's happening on the formatting. Sorry for the giant empty section!

  4. You are doing amazing! I am in awe of your running capabilities! Keep chugging along with those goals - you accomplish so much when you write them down and stay accountable.

    1. Thank you! I definitely improve when I monitor my goals weekly. :-) It's the biggest difference between a successful month & one that's less successful.

  5. Great job! I agree with the low calorie thing, it stinks but I think it's part of getting older. We just require less calories, so if we want to lose we have to eat a lot less. I'm trying a two day a week "fast" not really a fast, but two low calorie days, to bring the weekly average lower. I haven't done it long enough to see if it really works, but if I get positive results, I'll review it.

    1. Would love to see the results. I focus on keeping my average calories at 1500, knowing that some days I need more calories, & on rest days, I need lower amounts. I know everyone says this, but I really do have a slow metabolism, & as much as I'd enjoy eating more, it's not in the cards if I want to lose weight.

      I'm also pretty sure that, like everyone else, I underestimate my own calories, which means my daily number is probably higher.

  6. I'm in awe of your exercise regime - I'm such a slacker!!

    Well done on your pb and the rest of your goals progress :)

    1. Thanks. :-) I always have to have something to aim for, or I do nothing. This is my rest week before I start my next training plan, & I'm pretty slothful. ;-)

  7. You are truly an inspiration!! :) You look fabulous by the way!

    I honestly have NO idea how i'm doing on my goals.. I forget if I even made any! Oops!! Better check! hahaha!!

    1. Thanks. :-) That's the best picture, some of the others were less flattering. ;-)

      Go check your goals! Regularly checking helps me so much.