Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Goals - How did I do?

I was very ambitious with my January goals this month. ;-) Karma slapped me down for this and reminded me that things come up, and staying the course is sometimes the only option!

Here are my goals, and assessment of how I did:

  1. Lose 2 lbs. - I was off to a great start, and actually lost 2.5 pounds. Then, things fell apart & I'm down to a loss of only .5 lb. 
  2. Track my calories every day in MyFitnessPal. - Yes! I had a way too high calorie average of 1643 in January. My goal is 1500. 
  3. Complete 1,000 minutes of cardio.- I came very close, at 970. 
  4. Complete 10 strength workouts. - Yes! I did 12. 
  5. Complete 8 stretching workouts. - So close! I did 7. 
  6. Find a half marathon for the spring, and start the training plan. - Nope. I'm not read to start a training plan, and committed to not spend money on my health (race registration category) in January, so my goals weren't very well thought out. ;-) 
  7. Have one date night with M. - Yes, and it was great! 
  8. Plan/do one social activity with friends. - Yes! I had lunch with a friend, went to a speaker event with another friend, and went to a girls night activity. 
  9. Save $1,000 towards our California house down payment fund. - We actually diverted this money to paying down our HELOC on our Seattle house, as we can take the money out at any time, and the interest rate just went up. The money did go somewhere productive, so I'll take it. :-) 
  10. Save $500 in boys college fund. - No. we had an unexpected car repair bill, and had to divert the planned money. 
  11. Pay $3,000 towards our mortgage(s). We blew this one out of the water! We did actually achieve the goal with $3,807, and then also decided to funnel our cash of $15,000 to our HELOC. THe interest rate is higher than we'd like, and we can take the money out when we need it (at tax time, for example).
  12. Talk to my parents about potentially watching the boys for a 2014 vacation. - Yes! Done & booked. 
  13. Work is very, very crazy & the schedule is not something I can handle long term with my health situation. I'm currently working 60+ hours during the week, & I'm on call every day. Every holiday. Every weekend Everything. It's way too much. I need to start figuring out a plan. - Well, there's a short term and longer term plan in motion here. I've been very clear with my boss that I cannot stay long-term (or, even mid term) in these circumstance without appropriate staffing. This is a multi billion dollar business, so it's just really ridiculous where we're at. I've been clear about that. M & I are also very strongly considering our next steps, and if we want to be two-income dependent in the future. 

All told, it was a heck of a stressful month, and I survived, with pretty good results. :-) On to February!!!!! How did you do in January? Did you meet your goals? 


  1. I think you did great, as usual! Lots of greens, few reds. Don't you hate it when you lose the weight, and then it comes back creeping just before you have to measure yourself? Ugh. My Jan was alright. Onto Feb indeed!

  2. You did very well. I am sure your higher calorie days were due to eating out on that business trip, but any loss is a loss where weight is concerned so I would say that was successful! My weight stayed about the same, without fasting I can't get below 140, need to increase the activity rate I guess. Cheers!

  3. These were very well-planned goals. How I wish I could do the same. Anyway, I’m glad that you achieved most of your goals despite the minor setback you encountered, like the car repairs and other unexpected turn of events. Maybe you can add having emergency funds to your next goal list. What do you think?