Sunday, November 2, 2014

October budget numbers, plus net worth

October is finally over, and I just wrapped up our monthly budget.

Our budget was $17,098 & we spent $18,149. Big outliers/overspend categories this month included:

  • Clothing & activities for the boys. Over by $1,000. Everything came due at the same time, including $500 of indoor soccer, $400 for basketball, & new shoes all around, plus new indoor soccer cleats.
  • Gifts. I bought M a GoPro for our anniversary, and paid for my parents flights to come visit next weekend. Over by $940
  • Clothing for me. I bought: new jeans, a jacket, & a pair of black flats. All very needed, but semi-unplanned. I have a small monthly budget & haven't bought much lately, so it likely averages out. Over by $200

November is going to be insanely expensive (we're going to Napa for a long weekend) & to Hawaii over Thanksgiving. Some of our November expenses will be smaller (childcare, cleaning lady, regular groceries), which I'll use to offset our travel budget. 

I also need to figure out how I did with my goals this month (not well, I'm afraid!) & get some November goals up & posted. 

I feel like life is moving out warp speed! I'm looking forward to Nick's last soccer game this afternoon, and enjoying M's kebabs for dinner tonight. Yum. :-)

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  1. In the title you said Net Worth, did I miss something?