Monday, December 15, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

We are heading to my parents house on the 23rd, so I'm going to do a "use it up" menu plan through the end of the year. Here's what we'll be having:

  • Monday - 12/15. I have a work dinner, so M will feed the kids. Likely pizza. ;-) 
  • Tuesday - 12/16. Burgers & pasta
  • Wednesday - 12/17. Tilapia & rice.
  • Thursday - 12/18. Tacos
  • Friday - 12/19. chicken risotto (chicken/pasta for kids)
  • Saturday - 12/20. 
  • Sunday - 12/21. Homemade pizza.
  • Monday - 12/22. Leftovers
  • Tuesday - 12/23. Eating out with the family in Portland.
  • Wednesday - 12/24. Christmas Eve. Not sure what's on the menu. I contribute money, & my mom/sister plan it all. ;-)
  • Thursday - 12/25. A big ham dinner with the family. I contribute money, as we fly.
  • Friday - 12/26. At the beach house. We'll probably throw together some things from the freezer (meatballs, pasta, etc).
  • Saturday - 12/27. The family is reconvening back at the beach for a last hurrah before we head out. Pizza + salad & lots of festive drinks. :-)
  • Sunday - 12/28. I'm flying home & will find something in the freezer. Michael + the boys will have chicken & pasta.
  • Monday - 12/29. Hot dogs & burgers for the kids - I'll eat at work.
  • Tuesday - 12/30. Leftovers for the kids/M - I'll eat at work.
  • Wednesday - 12/31. New Year's Eve! We'll do festive appetizers, plus homemade pizza.
And, that should take us through the next couple of weeks. Lots of fun to be had between now & the end of the year! How about you? What's on your menu these next few weeks, as we close out the year? 


  1. Good planning. That helps tremendously as the weeks get busy. Any bites on your beach house? I haven't heard you mention it in awhile.

  2. Hi there! We took it off the market after six months. The market there is tiny, and not very stable (they sell around 10-20 houses in a year), so the comps can be super skewed. As we don't need the money right now, we're going to hold & re-evaluate in a couple of years.