Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 15 Plan

I'm focusing on short term wins right now, and pushing hard to look & feel my best in four weeks when M & I take our vacation. We also need to save money, and get our spending back in check. I thought it might be fun to focus on the next four weeks until vacation with the following mini goals.

  1. Complete 15 strength workouts
  2. Complete 15 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates)
  3. 15 no spend days
  4. Pursue 15 job leads.
  5. Find and list 15 more eBay items. Off the top of my head, ones I have available are:
    • Lululemon hoodie
    • Jcrew shorts
    • Tiffany necklace (x2)
    • Kate Spade messenger bag
  6. Donate/sell/trash 15 items/day, focused on a total of 420 items. Both vacation house & primary house.
I think that will work for now. I really need the extra kick in the pants to keep me going! :-)

How about you? Are you focused more on short term or long term goals right now?


  1. I love your 15 list. With husband losing a job some time this month, we are all about short-term goals here too...

  2. Those are great goals for the month! :) I made goals but forget what they were, lol!!! Better look I think! *blush*