Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly Spending Report

I'm trying to get back into the habit of reporting our weekly spending, as it really helps me keep things in check.

I did very well early in the week, knowing that I would be spending more than usual on my grandmother's 80th birthday weekend. I managed to get four no spend days!

 Here's how I did last week (5/13 - 5/19). Total spend = $296.17. I'd love to get this down to a weekly average of $250.
·         Monday – no spend day!

·         Tuesday – no spend day!

·         Wednesday – no spend day!

·         Thursday – no spend day!

·         Friday:

o   Costco (groceries) - $112.39

o   Parking (met a friend for lunch) - $2. She graciously paid for my lunch.

o   Home Depot - $7.07 (each boy chose a plant for the garden – cucumber & watermelon)

·         Saturday – spent the weekend with my grandmother, mom, & sister to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday & Mother’s Day. Spendy, but worth it.

o   Ross - $61.79, for a ton of stuff. Couple of new pair of jeans, three cardigans for work, a pair of new flats for the office, and a cute dress.

o   My part of the weekend food was $80 (we divided three ways between my mom, sister & I) for two lunches, one dinner, and a bottle of wine/appetizer before dinner.

·         Sunday:

o   OshKosh - $21.98. Bought Nick a new outfit for Disneyland (total splurge) & two pair of pajamas for Sam.

o   $10.94 – M bought the kids a set of “Magic” cards to play with over the weekend.
Are you tracking your weekly spends? How did you do last week?


  1. My week is soooo over-budget with my new sewing machine it's not even funny... ;)

  2. Yes! I track them to stay on the straight and narrow! :)

    Yay for 4 no spend days!