Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July goals in review

This has been one of the craziest months of my life, with the relocation talks & the job offer, traveling, and lots of work drama on my end to deal with. Phew! So glad the month is drawing to a close!

Here are my original July goals.

And, here's how I did! :-)

  1. Find and register for a race. It doesn't need to be a marathon - just something small to get me going again. - Yes! I may not make it, if we've moved, but I did in fact do this.
  2. Make $250 on eBay. - I made $180 through Craigslist sales, & selling some books at a used bookstore. Haven't sold anything on eBay recently, but just listed a bunch of stuff.
  3. Update resume. - On hold, due to the move.
  4. Update LinkedIn profile. - On hold, due to the move.
  5. Stick to budget on two upcoming trips (big girls trip in three weeks, and overnight stay at a water park). - Yes! I came in under budget. :-)
  6. Deal with house guest graciously, & look for opportunities to turn it into a "win" - Yes! There have been times when it's been inconvenient, but overall, the boys love having a new "friend" to play with, and I'm looking at it as an opportunity for bonding between my boys and an uncle they would rarely see otherwise.
  7. Reduce grocery bill to $550. - We are at $429! This is *unheard* of for us! We've stopped buying much of our "stock up" stuff, with the move looming. That combined with various vacations has reduced our consumption this month.
  8. Fitness goals:
  9. 1100 minutes of cardio - Gosh, no. Not even close. This is my lowest cardio month (just at 600 minutes) in over a year. I *need* my cardio workouts for stress relievers, so I absolutely must make time for this, even if it's not 1100 minutes/month.
  10. 12 strength workouts - Yes! I hit 12 exactly!
  11. 10 stretching workouts. - I'm at 4 stretching workouts. Having a house guest has definitely made it more difficult to get this in.
  12. Clean & inventory freezers - Oh yes! Lots of progress has been made, given my one month "use it up" menu plan.
  13. Schedule a dentist appointment - I'm WAY overdue! :-) - Yes! I scheduled my appointment. :-)
Overall, I'm very pleased with how the month went, all things considered. How did you do on your July goals? Any big wins to celebrate?


  1. I think you did awesome all things considered. Not sure I could have accomplished as much.

    Hang in there - you always inspire me!

  2. You did really well overall! Great going on the CL sales!