Sunday, September 22, 2013

Citrus Sunday

First of all, I just have to say, that my day did not start off on a good note. In fact, I'm still in denial about it. I used Yelp to find a place to get my hair cut, & it's an utter disaster. I was pretty clear in my request (just under 2 inches off, long layers in the front). . .

I'm not going to subject you to pictures, but . . . I can't get my hair back in a pony tail, & it looks a lot like a mullet. It was so bad that the owner came over, dismissed the person doing my hair, & tried to fix it. Eventually she gave up & just sent me out "for free". Oh boy, I'd pay a lot right now to have my old hair back. *sobs*

I'm not a terribly vain woman, but I have a super round face, and there are certain things you cannot do with a round face. You cannot have short layers in the front. You just can't. Also, my hair is naturally super curly (which I advised her of), so if you cut it short, it does scary things in the front. Ah, it's a hot mess, & again, I can't pull it back to hide it. I've tried it with a rubber band & six clips, & it still falls out. I'm starting a new job in three weeks, & this will be their first impression of me - the lady with the super bad hair. ;-)

I did manage to do my arm workout & go for a walk/run this morning. That made me feel good. I also took the boys to the park, & decided that I wanted to do a little baking this afternoon. We have the following trees in our yard: lemon, orange, avocado, & persimmon.

I started with a knock off recipe for the Starbucks lemon pound cake, although I have to say, this was about 1000x better. It almost has a crumb like a cupcake, & I'm a cupcake connoisseur. I will absolutely be making this one again. I did skip the glaze, as I want to use this for snacks for the kids lunches.

M has also been requesting muffins, so I decided to tackle some of the ripe oranges. I love this recipe because you actually puree full oranges, which means you're using all of the fruit (save for the seeds! ;-)). Love that. No waste. M tried a small bite & said these were amazing.

I'm going to keep experimenting, & honestly, I need a bunch of recipes for the lemons. I hate to see them go to waste, & we probably have 100 ripe ones ready to be picked. This is definitely the land of plenty. ;-)

I also went through & started updating our budget, based on all of the new salary numbers, costs, etc. M is flying back to Seattle next weekend to oversee the last few stages of the remodel, and also meeting with a property management agent about getting the house rented. Fingers crossed.

We still need to get our vacation house listed, but I dread it. Not the selling process, although I'm sure that will be long & painful. Just the idea of getting rid of something we've loved so much. :-( But, We can't carry a $5,000/month rent, our house in Seattle, & the vacation house. It's nuts. So, time to cut the cord & officially get it listed.

Looking forward to my *last* week, after 16 years, with my employer!! Almost done wrapping up my one last project.

Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday!


  1. I'm so sorry about your hair. It's not vain to care about your hair.

    I have to admit that I'm jealous of your fruit trees, especially the avocado tree. I love avocados but they are expensive here, usually over $1 each. I love scrambled eggs with mashed avocado and salsa. I think the secret to making yummy guacamole is seasoned salt. Super simple but so delicious. They are also good in place of mayo on sandwiches and much healthier. (LOL--I am pregnant and have loved avocados much more this pregnancy.)

    It stinks about listing your beach house but just be thankful for all the awesome memories you made there. You will continue to make wonderful memories wherever you are.

    1. I wish we lived here when I was pregnant, because I ate all citrus fruit all the time. I was obsessed with lemons, oranges, grapefruit, etc. Can't wait for the guacamole to ripen. Should just be a few more weeks. YUM! Love the idea of scrambled eggs with avocado & salsa!

  2. I too am jealous of your fruit trees also. The only good thing about a bad haircut, is that your hair will grow back......eventually!! I hate going to the hairdressers.


    1. I keep reminding myself. . . this is a tiny blip in life. But, whenever I look in the mirror, I cringe. It's just not good.

  3. My hair is halfway down my back because I stopped getting it cut by haurdressers 4 yrs ago. I'm sorry about yours 😬

  4. I am so sorry about your! I can relate asmy face is very found and I have gotten funky curly hair since my 4th pregnancy. Have you tried a headband? I know, not the perfect hairstyle, but it would keep it together in the front until it grows out. A long time ago, I gave up any kind of bangs and my hair is all one length. I wear it in a pony tail most of the time, but flat iron it straight for anything special.

    Enjoy your last week and then your mini-break. If a beach home is in your soul, you will have another one someday.

  5. So excited for you, getting ready to wrap up your current job and getting ready for a new one. Sorry to hear about the hair. My mother cut mine way too short a while ago, and I hated every day of it. It grew painfully slow too! Now I just trim it. I still have not found 1 stylist who can properly dry my hair. They insist on a light blow-dry followed by ironing way too much at once, which just makes it extra frizzy. I've given up and only go for haircuts to stylists, then dry my hair at home. But I've been toying with the idea of cutting my own hair recently...