Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Menu Plan Tuesday

I got caught up with my hair drama yesterday, but here's what we're cooking up over the next few weeks. I'm not quite prepared enough to do a full monthly menu, but I'm trying to move up to two week plans, to reduce waste.

M hasn't been traveling at all (save for a couple of trips to Seattle to check on our house), and he gets free lunches & snacks at work. When I start at my new job in a month or so, I'll also be getting free lunch & snacks. Wow! I'm excited. :-) Wonder how much that will shave off of the grocery bill? I'll need to be better about planning leftovers back into meals, as I currently take them for lunch.

  • Tuesday - M at work for a late event. The boys & I will have leftover burgers & tortellini.
  • Wednesday - Tacos
  • Thursday - soccer, home late, so we'll throw together something quick. Noodles + chicken
  • Friday - My favorite risotto recipe. No stirring necessary. :-) Oven baked chicken risotto.
  • Saturday - M in Seattle. The boys & I will have leftovers.
  • Sunday - Homemade pizza
  • Monday - Marsala chicken and mushroom casserole
  • Tuesday - Leftovers.
  • Wednesday - Tomato soup with chicken and gorgonzola + homemade bread.
  • Thursday - soccer, home late. Leftover marsala chicken casserole.
  • Friday - Italian baked chicken and pastina casserole.
  • Saturday - Barbecued burgers
  • Sunday - I'll be flying to Las Vegas for a girls trip (yes!!!), so M & the boys will probably eat leftovers, or heat up a pizza.
I'd like to make the casseroles in advance & stock the freezer for when I go back to work. Our freezer is empty, empty, empty with the move. I'd love any ideas for quick & easy recipes to stock the freezer!

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