Saturday, September 28, 2013

How much would you save

if you didn't have to pay for lunches during the work week? Both M & I will soon have all lunches (Monday-Friday) covered through our employer. This also includes snacks & drinks. In my head, I was very optimistic about how much this could save on our food budget. But, then I did the math. ;-)

There are four people in our family, so we are making 360 meals/month. Our employer will cover 40 meals/month (20 per person, given an average month), which is just over 10%. I'm thrilled that we get a free lunch every day, but it will likely make only a small dent in the food budget.

Because I've never done the math before, I also calculated how much we're spending on each meal. Given our approximate grocery budget of $600/month, we're spending around $1.66 per person/per meal. Does that fall within the normal range? I really have no idea. I haven't taken the time to calculate how many meals out we ate, & deducting that from the  number of meals we actually prepared. September is probably not the best month to run that calculation anyway, as we were staying in a hotel& living out of boxes for over a week. Maybe that's something I'll tackle next month.

And, on to today. M is back in Seattle to meet with a couple of property management companies about renting the house, as well as reviewing the final work on the remodel (and paying our contractor). It was substantially more than we originally budgeted. *shivers*

Here's what I need to get done today:
  1. Soccer game this morning. Go team! :-)
  2. Go for a walk in the sunshine with the kids.
  3. Do my arm exercises.
  4. Yoga
  5. Change my email address on a few bills
  6. Hit up Home Depot or a nursery for some fall vegetable plants
  7. Work in the yard.
  8. Make 3 freezer dinners.
  9. Bake bread.
If I get to it, I'd love to make a monthly menu plan, so I can figure out best meals for making ahead & stocking the freezer before I go back to work.

What are you up to today? How is the weather in your area? It's cold but clear this morning, & should be 75 or so this afternoon.


  1. That sounds exciting. Is there a cafeteria where you get the food or do you get to bring in receipts and claim? It definitely will add up.

    1. They have lots of cafeterias to choose from, and healthy/organic food prepared by chefs. It's seriously fancy. And, also free snacks & drinks. I can't believe it - I feel so spoiled! :-)

  2. I know it seems like it won't make much of a dent, but it will over time!

    We are already at a steamy 90 or higher right now. It rained for about 15 minutes, then the sun came out in full bore, so the steam is literally rising.

    1. You are right. Even if it's $500/year or something, that's great money to put toward something else.

      And, yikes on the steamy 90! We just left soccer & it was 70.

  3. That's awesome that they are covering meals!

  4. Ok so now I had to figure out how much we spend per person per meal. We average $1.28. I didn't count any eating out or anything just did a simple count. That's awesome that your employer provides meals. Not only will it save some money but you won't have to worry about taking the time to pack anything.