Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So much to be grateful for!

I'm working from home today, trying to wrap up some last minute projects before my two days off this week. As I was walking the boys to school this morning (camp, technically), I was thinking of all of the many, many things I am grateful for:

  • My family. I was raised in a very supportive & happy home, & know how important it was to have parents that instilled confidence in me, as well as modeled an extremely healthy marriage. Although my parents didn't have much money, they encouraged me to work hard at school, and save money for college. There wasn't any question as to whether I would attend - it was understood. 
  • My husband. We have had plenty of challenges in our marriage. We got married when M was 40, and a bachelor. He was used to being a very independent guy. We survived having two kids very close in age, a move, new jobs, and I can honestly say that our marriage has never been better. Now that he doesn't travel - parenting is so much easier! I feel so, so very blessed to have a marriage to someone who is my best friend.
  • My children. I get all emotional just thinking about how lucky I am to have them. They are hilarious & adorable, & full of child-like discovery & fun. I was convinced that I wanted two girls, but I wouldn't trade these two fabulous boys for anything in the world. I love being the mother of two little guys.
  • My health. It's been a very challenging year, but my health is back on track & I feel extremely grateful that I am at a point where I can self-manage most of the symptoms. I've made lifestyle changes, but I'm embracing them, rather than spending time feeling sad about it.
  • Work. Starting at a new place has been pretty trying for me, but I feel like I'm settling in a bit. The role is well suited to me, and the employer is fantastic. Great perks, great compensation, & I'm close enough to meet M for lunch when our schedules line up. Love that. Oh, & there's a soft serve ice cream machine in my building. ;-) Not sure if that's a perk or a risk to my waistline.
  • California. This move has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and there have been many challenges along the way, but today, walking in the sunshine, & picking fruit and vegetables to share with friends tomorrow? I'm truly happy to be here.

My crew on the ride to camp this morning. Oh, & did I mention that school is a little over a block from our house? Such a blessing.

I hope to be online over the weekend a bit, updating my November goals, planning for December, as well as 2014. 

And, a very happy (early) Thanksgiving to all of you. I'm constantly inspired by how other people work towards their goals (financial & otherwise). You keep me motivated & on track!

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Thought of you all on our drive out to the coast today, wondering where your beach house is . . . .

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I,too, am thankful for my family....all so far away!