Friday, March 6, 2015

February budget summary

February was a surprisingly good budget month. For reference, I only track our monthly numbers in these posts. I'll do a more detailed run down of how we're doing with our yearly numbers (travel, house, kids, clothes, etc) in a separate post.

So, drumroll, we were under our monthly budget by $120. I'm shocked!

We were over in some categories:

  • Childcare, by $414. I've started booking summer camps.
  • Dining out by $212. A few birthday meals (mine & Sam's) killed us. 
  • Toiletries, by $90. I stocked up before my Tokyo trip, and bought a bunch of over the counter medicine that I didn't have last time, plus face wash, etc. 

But, we were under in lots of other categories:
  • Cleaning by $210. Our cleaning lady went out of town unexpectedly, and we took care of it ourselves.
  • Gas by $153. 
  • Groceries by $18. Helped that we were out of town for a long weekend
  • Utilities by $444. Only because our billing cycles fell in January & March, due to the shortened February month.

We're having to make major updates to our monthly budget to accommodate our tax withholding changes, so look for a revised (and much smaller) monthly budget soon.

How did you do in February? Did you spend more or less than you'd planned? 

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  1. Well done on coming in under budget! That's always a good thing! Our February was crazy expensive with our move, and house full of sick people. Dr's visits, ER visits, etc... soo glad it's over with. March is looking much better I have to say!! :)