Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February goals summary

Well, let me just start out by saying that February wasn't my best month. At all. A week long international work trip, a family trip, a death in the family, I was ill for a week. . . the list goes on. It wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped. But, here's what we accomplished.


  • Meet with financial planner - No, but the appointment is set for March!
  • Figure out boys college accounts (potentially the Utah 529 plan - contingent upon our meeting with a financial planner). - Ditto above.
  • Stick to our budget - Shockingly, yes! Now that I have our yearly numbers set up separately, it's easier to track our standard monthly expenses. We came in within (and, under, for the record) $120. Given the size of our budget, that's pretty impressive!
  • Hand off all tax paperwork by 2/10, to qualify for the "early bird" discount from our accountant - Yes. The "how much we owe" part is most certainly not a win. But, accomplished this specific goal.
  • Figure out boys birthday parties - Sam's date is set. Still need to email Nick's friends. 
  • Keep working with both boys on responsibility, friendship, & citizenship - We're working on this. Plenty of room for improvement. 
  • Get my youngest to try two new foods. - Yes. He tried a new restaurant this week (big news) & had jello for the first time, and foccacia bread. 

  • Lose 2 pounds - sweet mercy. No. May have gained two pounds. International travel, jet lag, & after work drinks are not my friend. 
  • Track my food/exercise - Yes
  • Run 20 miles - Nope. 15 miles
  • Complete 700 minutes of cardio - In what i think might be my lowest month in YEARS, I hit 395 minutes of cardio. :-( :-( 
  • Complete 10 strength workouts & 8 stretching workouts - I did 16 strength, but only 1 stretching workout.

  • Revamp my meeting schedule. We have an organizational shift, so some people are moving onto a new team, and I'm getting additional staff. - Yes, I've definitely made improvements. 
  • Work out 8 weekday mornings - I managed 4. 

Giving back
  • Volunteer at school at least once, log my hours (my work will donate money in exchange) -event got canceled. Schedule for this week! 
  • Pick & donate all fruit we can't eat to nonprofit - mostly. A few oranges left that we need to pick
  • Sort through my closet. Donate, sell, toss. - I've done a bunch. About 2/3 of the way there. 
  • Plan/book date night with M - Yes!
  • Do something social with a friend. Maybe a hike. - well, got to spend a lot of time with my sister & best friend during President's Day weekend, so I'll call it a win. 
  • Read 4 books. - Yes! The international trip helped. ;-) 
  • Try a new recipe (with a focus on something that my youngest will actually eat) - Nope, can't think of any new recipes I tried. 

And, that's all for me. I hope you had a fantastic & productive February! What did you accomplish? 

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's death. Both my grandmas died by the time I was 22(One died when I was 8.). So be thankful for all the time you Did have with her.

    And we can't all win at everything all the time so don't beat yourself up over the ones in the loss category this month.
    Just move on and UP! 8-)