Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday night chit chat

We had a nice & relaxing day today. No sports or activities for the boys!! I finished my packing, went on a run, & prepared for the week. The only remaining item is to recalculate my budget for our monthly expenses & remove our rental property.

Thanks to Carla for the writing prompt tonight! :-) 

Reading: Nick & I biked to the library yesterday, but I'm saving my books for the 13 hour flight tomorrow, and on the way home. ;-) 
Watching: We don't have cable, so we watch whatever is free on Amazon Prime. Right now, we're about 2/3 of the way done with The Good Wife. 
Saving your pennies for: Our travel fund for the year. Yikes!
Spending your pennies on: I just finished paying for all of the summer camps + most of our summer flights.
Listening to: The sound of the boys playing a game on the Xbox.
Looking forward to next week: Uhhh, coming home from my trip on Saturday? I leave tomorrow & come home then, so I'm not very excited about the time away.
Creating: I'm not a very creative lady. We often do puzzles in the evening, but just finished our most recent Superman-themed puzzle. ;-) 
Cooking/Baking: M did all of the cooking tonight, minus the salad. He grilled chicken, made rice with tadiq & yogurt sauce. Yum!
Thinking about: That I'm going to be doing three international trips in three months. Groan. After that, I start all of the summer travels (for fun), which makes international travel hard. So, it's short term gain for family fun later in the year.
Adding onto your "to do" list for next week: I have to call for a dentist appointment and make the boys physical appointments. Other than that, I'm pretty much caught up, given that i won't be able to use my phone next week. No international plan. 

My goals for the week:
  1. Manage my stress
  2. Eat well (within my calories, even if I am eating out every meal for six days)
  3. Get in three runs + one other workout
  4. Get as much sleep as possible!
What about you? Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. It would be much easier if your International trips were with your hubby and the boys rather than work :( I wish my hubby cooked more, he used to but has kind of stopped except for BBQ duty.

  2. Wow! It sounds like you've been busy and will continue to be busy with all the traveling! We are going to get rid of cable too...finally. It's just too expensive.