Sunday, July 12, 2015

Getting things done Sunday

I haven't been home on a weekend for way too long (over a month), so I have a lot I'd like to do today. Here goes!

  1. Yoga - I'm tight everywhere, & could really use it
  2. Some sort of cardio workout - either a bike ride with the kids, or a long walk/run
  3. Pack for my trip next week
  4. Pick & use all of the tomatoes - I think I'll make a fresh tomato sauce
  5. Ditto the lemons - just juice them for use in salads
  6. Have the boys clean their rooms. This will take several hours each. The good news? I've already found over 100 things to donate! :-)
  7. Go through my closet
  8. Plan for the week ahead - menu, work schedule, workout schedule, any kid transportation issues, & review with M
That's it! What's on your list for today? And, because I'm always curious about weekend dinners, what are you making for dinner? We're having grilled chicken, rice & salad.


  1. We are making tacos with homemade pico de gallo with ingredients from our garden. I wish we had some avocados from you to make guacamole :)

    1. Sadly, our tree didn't produce at all this year. I believe some varieties only grow every other year? Anyway, saw the first tiny fruit on the tree this weekend, so I guess it's back this year. So happy! Would love to share if you were closer. ;-)

  2. We had beef stroganoff tonight for dinner and my husband made us rhubarb pie for dessert! Goodluck with your to-do list :)