Thursday, July 30, 2015

That time I won the jackpot, and wrapping up July

The summer is a whirlwind of vacations, kiddo summer camps, work, & desperately searching for a nanny.

I realize the month isn't quite over, but here's where it netted out.

  1. Fully fund our travel budget for the rest of the year. - Will be funding the rest on Friday (pay day), so considering this a win! Also have a fully funded emergency fund again. Woohoo!
  2. Clean & restock the freezer, using all of our fresh tomatoes! Tomato sauce & salsa, coming up. - I've used all of the tomatoes, but didn't clean the freezer. I did inventory them both, so now I need to scrub both freezers & continue to keep the inventory up to date. 
  3. Stick to the budget, including on my girls trip to Las Vegas. Can't wait. :-) - why, yes, I did. I won a $3037 jackpot in Las Vegas (on the penny slots, while playing for 10 minutes waiting for my friends to get ready for lunch). It paid for the trip, and then some. I covered the costs for my sister & BFF as well, and took home some additional money. Win/win/win! 
  4. Lose 2 lbs. - No. I stayed the same, & still have 13 lbs to lose. 
  5. Get in a minimum of 800 minutes of cardio, 15 strength workouts, & 5 stretching workouts. - I'm going to finish right on track for cardio & strength, but accomplished nothing for stretching. And, I can feel it! Must get back into a yoga/pilates routine. 
  6. Keep my daily calories to 1500. - Ack! No. Not helped by my insane work schedule (read: snacking) & two vacations. My daily calories were 1673.
  7. Buy all school supplies - Mostly done. Have a few things to track down.
  8. Lower my pace time by 90 seconds (per mile) in my training for my big relay in August. - I'm down 60 seconds. The other 30 seconds remain elusive. ;-) 
  9. Find another race to train for. - Yes! I'm going to do a half in October.
  10. Sort out my family schedule, & work travel schedule through the end of the year - Eh, I did what I could & locked the days for my London trip. The other work trips haven't been confirmed due to the organizer. Despite my repeated requests. Giving myself a pass. 

Nothing too crazy, but it was a pretty decent month, considering how much was going on. A fun picture of the big jackpot moment. :-) I was thrilled.

Now I'm off to calculate our July budget numbers, and start planning my goals for August!


  1. Wow, congrats on the win - never had a vacation pay for itself before myself :)

  2. I've never won anything like that before - it was pretty exciting! :-)