Sunday, August 16, 2015

A triathlon filled weekend

The boys completed their first triathlon this weekend. Sadly, I'm also exhausted. Getting prepped, getting up early, running around the course to find everyone, helping in the transition area? Exhausting! :-) They had a blast & are already wondering when they can do another one.

They suffered through the swimming (they both take a couple of swim lessons each summer, but that's pretty much the extent of their swimming experience), but crushed the running & biking legs. It was so much fun to walk, and awesome to see all of the little athletes. Super proud, especially of Nick, who was nervous for the swim. This is totally outside of his comfort zone, but as soon as Sam said he wanted to do the event, Nick insisted that he sign up as well. Adorable, and a great way to close out summer. School starts tomorrow! :-)

And, now for the menu for the week:

  • Sunday - M is grilling burgers + salad & wine. I only drink on the weekends, but enjoy a couple of glasses of wine before we eat dinner
  • Monday - Oven baked risotto, this time with sausage, peppers, & fresh mozzarella. Risotto is one of my favorite ways to use up what's in the fridge
  • Tuesday - leftover homemade chicken pizza. With pesto, chicken & peppers. So much pesto to use up. My basil plant has taken over two planters - it's enormous!
  • Wednesday - leftover burgers
  • Thursday - tacos (meat from the freezer) + homemade guacamole
  • Friday - Not sure yet, but thinking grilled shrimp & pasta

That's pretty much it for us. It's been 100 both days of the weekend, so my workouts have been very limited (yoga yesterday, with the fan blowing on my face) & I'm counting the minimum of three miles I ran back & forth in the heat this morning.

Hope you are all having a fabulous & relaxing Sunday. What's your favorite "use it up" dinner? Mine are the risotto & homemade pizza. This risotto recipe is my favorite. I follow the recipe exactly through the baking steps, but the toppings I mix in (after you pull out of the oven) are totally dependent upon what's in the fridge. I've done chicken sausage, butternut squash, chicken, vegetarian with fresh garden tomatoes, mozzarella & basil  . . . there are lots of options!


  1. OK - I thought I was going to read that *you* had completed a triathalon, and I was trying to figure out how you had fit the training in with your busy schedule. Sounds like a lot of fun for your boys though.

    Our favorite thing to make with leftovers is pizza. We have recently started using naan bread from Costco as a base, but you can put anything on a pizza and call it good. I'd love the recipe for the oven-baked risotto although it's too hot here now to bake anything.

    1. I'm definitely not triathlon ready. Luckily the kids are generally more in shape & get exercise every day as part of life. ;-) Jealous!

      I'll have to try the naan bread - sounds great!

  2. Wow! You must very extremely proud of your boys, that is amazing to accomplish something like that at such a young age. :)

    We actually had a use-it-up meal tonight! I made a giant pan of oven baked nachos with the rest of some shredded chicken, salsa, sour cream, cheese, and onions! It was awesome, G and I just took the pan out of the oven and ate it right from there, lol.

    1. I love, love, love nachos! My husband isn't a fan, but maybe I'll have to whip some up when he's out of town in a few weeks. I think the boys will enjoy a fun dinner. ;-)

      The boys were pretty excited about the triathlon - they are great athletes. Wish I had as much time to exercise as they do.